Chaitra Navratri: Make your fasting healthy with these dos and don’ts tips


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Navratri is the ninth day of the celebration of Goddess Durga which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. On the occasion of the festival, the devotees fast for nine days in honor of the goddess. This year Chaitra Navratri is starting from 2nd April. If you are planning to observe a fast for nine days, be sure to keep a tab on your fasting practices. It is important to avoid health accidents. Here are some tips to help you break the fast and stay healthy:

Don’t starve yourself

Fasting does not mean that you are hungry. One should make sure that you eat enough throughout the day. It is recommended to eat small meals frequently to maintain stamina. Try to limit yourself to fried foods and choose baked, grilled or roasted foods instead. Fasting is a good way to detoxify your body from regular junk and alcohol consumption, which helps maintain body sugar levels. Prolonged starvation can lead to severe acidity.

Don’t tell sugar

It is advisable to stay away from a refined sugar. You can replace it with healthy alternatives like molasses or honey. Also, sugar cravings can be reduced with a variety of fruits or salads, as these are light and easy to digest. Regular snacking can help prevent low back pain and maintain adequate sugar levels.

Keep yourself hydrated

If you do not go for ‘Nirjala Brat’, then it is important to keep yourself hydrated all the time. In addition to water, many other liquids like coconut water, buttermilk, green tea, lemon water etc. can be consumed, do not consume alcohol as it can cause dehydration and slow down the metabolism.

Plan your meal

Although it’s much easier to swing and eat than your regular diet, plan accordingly. Make sure you don’t overeat, especially packaged snack foods because they contain high amounts of iodine. Don’t worry too much about snacks, eating nuts and dried fruit is a healthy option. Plan a heavy lunch and a light dinner.

Avoid caffeinated beverages

Tea and coffee can help curb hunger for a better time. However, make sure you do not eat these on an empty stomach; It can greatly affect your digestive system. Drinking too much tea or coffee can often make you feel bloated or dehydrated. Insomnia can also be set which is not healthy.

Avoid fasting if you are pregnant

If a normal and healthy delivery is indicated, fasting within limits will not have much effect on you or your baby. However, if your pregnancy indicates complications, it is advisable to avoid fasting during this period. It is best to consult your doctor before taking any action. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids at this time.

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