Chef Kunal Kapur Reveals A Secret Ingredient To Add Smoky Flavour To Food


Enjoying a variety of tandoori foods gives you a lot of pleasure. Specifically, the word “tandoori” refers to food cooked in an oven – a cylindrical oven, used for fuel, baking and cooking with fuel wood or charcoal. This ensures that the food comes in direct contact with the fire so that it gives off a nice smoky smell. However, if you do not have an oven in your home, you can still add a smoky flavor to your food. Wondering how? Chef Kunal Kapoor has shared a video revealing his secret ingredients that can be used to inhale smoke into your food.

In the caption he mentions, “Do you know my secret ingredient that gives the smoke a wonderful taste? No? Now look. “

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In the video, Kunal says that cinnamon sticks (easily found in an Indian family) can be used to remove smoky odors in food. He also showed how he can do it.

Kunal says that cinnamon is a kind of wood. So, if you do not have regular wood or coal in your house, you can use a cinnamon stick instead.

First, he heated the cinnamon sticks and placed a bowl in the middle of the prepared dish. In the bowl, he puts a stick of heated cinnamon and on top of that he adds a teaspoon of ghee and finally covers with a lid. He suggests that you let the smoke work inside for at least 20 minutes.

Let’s see:

Chef Kunal Kapoor often shares useful tips and tricks that can be used in the kitchen. Recently, he showed his followers the right way to peel a carrot. For this, he first took a carrot and flattened it on a chopping board. Then, he removed the top layer of vegetables with a peel. First, he removes the top peel of the carrot and then flips it over to get rid of the coating on the top. Eventually, the chef removed the tip of the carrot. Take a look here.

So, keep these kitchen hacks in mind and make your many tasks much easier.



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