Cooking Basics: Easy Instant Noodle Recipes For Beginners Trying To Ace The Cooking Game


Are you someone who has just started living alone? Or whose cooking skills are limited to boiling water in a gas stove? Are you being ridiculed for not knowing the most basic recipe? Well, if the answer to any one of these questions is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Instant Noodles is a savior for beginners and bachelors who don’t know how to cook and there’s no denying it. However, they can also be grown in fancy and attractive versions, a style that even a novice chef can easily prepare. From viral Koran noodles to Maggie omelettes, it’s time to enchant your kitchen with these non-classic instant noodle recipes.

5 interesting instant noodle recipes for beginners:

1. Maggie Omelette: (Our Top Pick)

Combining our two favorite dishes, this Maggi omelette recipe works perfectly with most home chefs. You can either start by cooking the maggi and adding a thick layer of beaten eggs to it or pour the beaten eggs into the pan and place the cooked maggi on top. Here are the recipes for you to try.


Maggi omelette is a delicious and easy recipe.

2. Punjabi Tadka Maggie:

If you are a fan of burning and delicious everything, make this healthy Maggie dish, also called ‘Tarka Marke’. The spicy red color, the taste of butter and burnt garlic and our all time favorite Maggie together make an exceptional recipe, read more about it here.

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3. Viral Korean Instant Noodles:

With a few simple ingredients, you can make a delicious change to your usual instant noodles. The main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis massively redesigned instant noodles recipe is to use spicy ingredients from Asian cuisine. These include soy sauce, eggs, chili flakes, garlic, sesame seeds and brown sugar. Click here for the procedure.

Maggie Noodles

Viral Korean Maggie is delicious

4. Maggi Pakora:

Who says you should always follow the conventional recipe to get the best results? Sometimes, the less traveled or unheard of recipe on the street, in this case, may be the result of some of the best food you have ever tried. Like Maggie Pakora! Made by a street vendor in Ahmedabad, Maggie Pakoda has been a hit to almost everyone who has tried it. Here’s how you can make it at home.

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5. Maggie Lasagen:

Why Restrict Strange Foods And Fancy Presentations In Restaurants When You Can Create An equally tempting one at home with one of your favorite dishes. Maggie Lasagna is a cheesy dish that offers the best taste of Lasagna in the form of our favorite instant noodles. It will draw the hearts of Tong, Masaledar and countrymen all over the world. Here is the recipe for you.

Lasagne in a jar

Maggie Lasagna cheesy and delicious

There you have it; Strange and fun, these instant noodles recipes will give you an ace in the cooking game.



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