Cooking Tips: How To Revive Old And Hard Dates To Make Them Soft And Fresh Again


Dark brown, gui and sweet, dates are a popular dried fruit that people love to eat! Also known as dates, this dried fruit is made by heating the date fruit to give it a unique and juicy texture. It is often enjoyed as a light snack or added to recipes to make a dish more palatable. However, we do not need heavy use of dates in our daily cooking. People tend to keep some dates at home, in the corner of their fridge, as they are likely to need it in the recipe. If the dates are not used for a long time, they become dry and hard, which makes them difficult to use in recipes! We’ve found a way to bring these old, difficult dates back to life.

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How to refresh your old stale date Revitalize your dates to make them soft and fresh

The key to giving makeover to old dates hidden in the corner of your fridge is very simple. First boil some water. Next, place the dried dates in a container. Pour enough boiling water to boil, so that the fruit is completely submerged. Soak the dates in hot water for 10 minutes. Once the dates are soaked, strain the fruit and drain. You will have fresh, tender and sweet dates to use in any recipe.

Old dates lose all moisture as they dry out, so soaking the dates restores the lost moisture of the fruit. The soaking process softens the meat and leaves it with the same delicious aroma as fresh dates. By refreshing dates, you can easily mix dates with food or drink and even enjoy them again as a snack.

Another way to revive dates is to give them an extra flavor. All you have to do is soak dates in fruit juice, brandy, bourbon or rum instead of water!

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