Diljit Dosanjhs Delicious Meal Combo Is Making Us Hungry


Diljit Dosanj has won the hearts of many over the years, be it for his acting skills or his singing skills. The singer-actor is also a self-proclaimed foodie who likes to show off his culinary skills or love for good food on social media. What makes Diljit’s food obscenity even more compelling is the funny and amusing comments that accompany his post. In a new post on Instagram Store, Diljit shared a picture of a can of Fiji drink called Coca Cola and it looks like a kind of delicious sushi. In his own inevitable way, he captioned the post, “Combo da toi tod na (This is a kind of combo). “Take a look:


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A few days ago, Diljit Dosanj shared a video of a grandmother making kara prasad – a soft, velvet and rich pudding – from scratch. In the video, we see the woman melting ghee in a pan and then adding flour, sugar and water one by one. Click here to watch this heart warming video. If you are thirsty after watching the video, don’t worry, because we have a recipe for you. To create your own Kara Prasad, click here.

In November, Diljit Dosanjh embarks on another culinary journey with his followers. She shared a video of the dish she was making: Shakshuka. Diljit starts by making a perfect tomato and onion spice and then tops it with a few eggs. Before entering this delicious dish from the Middle East, she garnished it with some of her favorite spices. Check out Diljit’s pictures of making shakshuka here. If you want to make it juicy in your kitchen, here is the recipe.


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Although Diljit Dosanj likes any kind of food, he prefers to start his day on a healthy note in the morning. Once, in an Instagram post, we saw her holding a glass full of fresh cherries while traveling. Take a look here.

Speaking of the morning, Diljit Dosanjh, once, also gave his followers a glimpse of his “Morning Power”. He shared a photo on Instagram store that contained some chopped tomatoes and many herbs and spices like paprika, oregano, red pepper and basil. In another post, we saw tomatoes boiling in a pot. Click here to read more about Diljit Dosanj’s Tomato Soup.

Did Diljit Dosanj’s delicious food make you hungry? If so, go to the kitchen and make yourself something delicious.



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