Do You Hate Bhindi? These Smashing Tips And Recipes By Foodies Will Change Your Mind


Even an avid foodie will have a list of their disliked foods. We are sure you will too. We probably don’t like all the food there. Our palate may reject one item or another, and when that happens, we tend to avoid that particular food for life. But it somehow comes back to our table, sometimes by family or our host at a gathering. Some popular foods are hard to avoid and Vindi / Okra is one of them. This is why this Reddit thread was finally started to dislike people with alternative ways of making food of their choice. And Windy haters will find a lot of solutions here.

Reddit user Scarlet_Highlander2 started the thread in the r / cooking group with the post – “Let’s play a game. List a food / ingredient you absolutely hate and someone else responds with a recipe that could change your attitude towards that food / ingredient.” . ” Another user quickly replied, “Okara. It’s not a thin texture, I don’t seem to like it like other people. The little thorny thing on the outside doesn’t help either.” This post started to draw in the comments as soon as people posted various tips and recipes to make Vindi taste better.

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Wendy’s can be made in a variety of delicious ways.

Don’t you have a special love for Okra / Vindi? Here are some tips shared by users.

According to one user, “If you smoke with other barbecues that you smoke, the okra really comes out nicely.”

Someone said, “Try an Indian / Pakistani Stew Fry Okra dish next to the chapati.”

Another tip we got to fry vindy which will remove the slimy feeling. “Dip in a batter made of polenta and lentils and deep fry.”

Or you can see the recipe for “Wendy Curry”. It is an Indian curry that deals with texture problems. Another is “Varwa Vindi” which is filled with spicy gram flour.

Here is our own Verwan Wendy recipe that you must try.

And many were of the opinion that “pickle vindy” tasted best.

This recipe caught our eye – “Boil the okra in light salt water (for a maximum of 5 minutes), then take it out and cut it into small pieces. Open a can of sweet corn, add some mayo and mix the okra. It will be added, but it is optional. It is really refreshing and easy to cook. ”

And if none of these tips work for you, you can try “frying at 450 for 15-20 minutes with salt and pepper in olive oil.”

We also liked this tip – “Salt the okra first to get rid of the moisture and it loses a lot of slimness.”

Some users have also given evidence for the Sri Lankan okra steer-fry recipe.

But you have to try this very simple healthy recipe – “Cut into coins, toss with some olive oil, @ 400 air fry for 7-minute rounds until desired texture. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then enjoy. . ”

Deep-fried, air-fried, pickled or curry, vindy can actually get great taste in the right recipe. Give these recipes a try and let us know if you can change your mind.



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