Do You Know About The Phenomenal Dish That Chef Gordon Ramsay Loved?


A unique combination of culinary arts and sciences. And the beauty of cooking is that sometimes even the most common ingredients can make for the most perishable food. That being said, not every food is good. And it can be a daunting task to impress food fans with a refined palate. And, celebrity chef and restaurant gordon James Ramsay has always been a tough guest to please as evidenced by his appearances on reality shows and cooking shows. There was, however, a dish that was able to impress even Gordon Ramsay, and in this case, a woman used the simplest ingredients to cook something “extraordinary” for the chef.

A video of the incident, which appears to have happened years ago, is going viral again on Reddit for Gordon Ramsay’s response. In the video shared by Kronijox Handel, the female chef was served a simple meal consisting of ribs, chicken and vegetables. What happens next will warm the heart of any foodie.

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Gordon Ramsay is known for his harsh but funny criticism.

In the one-minute video, we first see the woman offering the dish to chef Gordon Ramsay and leaving him alone to enjoy the food. The chef explained that his plate contained spicy chicken jumbla, corn and bean sukotash. While the chef digs the dish, the video is of the woman praying in the kitchen and hoping the chef will like the food. When Gordon Ramsay begins to clutter the inexperienced, in the next scene, he admits the meat is “tender” and the food “unprecedented.”

“Maybe this is the first time I should come back to the kitchen with an empty plate,” said Gordon Ramsay. He then goes back to the kitchen with his plate and tells the woman that the food was delicious. He added, “You know, I thought it would be very spicy but it got toned down and it was spot on.” “It really made me feel like I was back to my mother for the first time,” she said. The woman’s face began to fill with joy and she said, “It made me cry.” She hugs the chef.

The post received a lot of feedback, comments and likes. One user responded to the post by saying, “She deserves all the good stuff … bless her!” Another comment said, “This is what I dreamed.”

“It was a good one. Gordon was blown away for once,” one user pointed out. “It made me cry,” said another.

Commenting on Gordon Ramsay’s influence on chefs, one user wrote, “I remember an episode where he went somewhere, and the only good thing there was dessert. He even told the lady that he needed his own place and boom, now he has Own bakery. “

Watch the full video of Gordon Rams here:

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