Do You Know What Shilpa Shetty Had For Breakfast? Read On


Celebrities like Shilpa Sethi have always inspired us to live a healthy life. She is a die-heart foodie. But the way he adheres to a strict diet plan is admirable. The mother of two can follow her heart and occasionally dig for different foods but she remains loyal to her clean eating habits. The actress likes to start her day on a healthy note. At least that’s what his recent Instagram stories showed us today. Shilpa shared a picture of her healthy breakfast bowl and it was filled with yummy soaked oats. We can also see blueberries and chopped bananas on the plate. She captioned the photo with two hashtags, “Soaked Oats” and “Breakfast Girl.”

Let’s see:


If a bowl of Shilpa Sethi breakfast makes you hungry, check out these one bowl of healthy breakfast recipes:

1) Cranberry wellness bowl

This healthy one-bowl recipe carries vegetables like lettuce, corn kernels, lentils with dried cranberries. You can taste it in the morning or eat it as a light meal.

2) Quinoa

How many quinoa do you love to dig? This is a highly nutritious one-pot recipe for those who do not have much time to cook the right food. Sweet potatoes are cooked in it with quinoa, some dried fruits and fragrant home-made spices. Make it and enjoy it.

3) Banana Peanut Oatmeal Bowl

This recipe will add much needed healthy portion to your diet. You only need 20 minutes to prepare it. Cook it at home and top with banana, peanut butter, hazelnut spread, nuts and seeds.

4) Oats and chicken porridge

Are you someone who likes chicken and is looking for a healthy way to taste it? Okay, these oatmeal and chicken porridge might be your go-to option. You can garnish the dish with fried brown onions. It is rich in protein and tastes good.

5) Chocolate akai bowl

Here’s a perfect way to start your day on healthy notes. This spoiled breakfast bowl contains a heavenly combination of delicious cocoa with fresh berries, granola and nuts. Just follow this recipe and you better go.

This rich and healthy one bowl recipe will make your day.



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