(Lack of) copyright

I claim no copyright on any of the material on this blog. You are 100% free to copy, edit, reproduce and commercialize these ideas in any way you see fit. You do not need to ask my permission or even reference to this site. The only right I reserve is the right to keep on offering these ideas free of charge to anyone who might be interested.

In essence, the only personal reward I would like to get out of this blog is a secure and fully functional society within which I can live a happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable life for many decades to come. In taking these ideas further, you would be contributing to this goal, thereby repaying me in full.

Sustainable living needs to go mainstream ASAP. Let’s do it 🙂

PS: Keep in mind that this lack of copyright only applies to the text and the ideas advocated on this blog. Images are mostly from Google Images and videos mostly from Youtube and I do not have the authority to declare this material copyright-free. Also, if you see a copyrighted image or video you would like me to remove, please let me know at mail.oneinabillion@gmail.com and it will be done ASAP.

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