Easy tips for men to groom their KGF star Yash aka Rocky Bhai like long and heavy beard


Image Source: Instagram / Thenamaysius

Yash’s appearance in KGF: Chapter 2 sees him with long beard and heavy facial hair


  • If you have heavy facial hair, it needs to be washed and conditioned
  • Comb your beard so that the hair grows downwards
  • Be sure to trim your mustache, especially the lower part of the nose

Men love to have beards. Whether it’s a designer haystack or a well-maintained bush, facial hair is more masculine and sets you apart from the crowd. Gone are the days when clean-shaven faces were considered ideal for men. Now beards, mustaches and bangs are all angry. If you have a beard, please be aware that it is a permanent fixture that requires sacrifice. Regular care and hard work is required to make the beard look perfect. But it is well worth the effort.

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In the recent release KGF: Chapter 2, we see that Yash has a heavy beard as his character Rocky Brother. With his body, appearance gives him the right amount of gravity and appeal. The Kannada actor’s well-groomed beard adds to his overall appeal. If you have a heavy beard like Rocky brother. Here are some simple grooming tips to keep your beard looking beautiful and maintaining the health of your facial hair.

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Use a mild shampoo to wash the beard. Hair shampoo can be harsh on your facial skin and make your beard hair dry and brittle.

– Use a beard balm or oil to soften it and place curly and stray hair bay.

– Invest in a quality trimmer. Often, when you trim for shape, you may accidentally shave too much hair. Not only does this ruin your appearance but it can take weeks to months for the facial hair to return. Keep all kinds of blades with your trimmer so that you can cut more or less facial hair as per your choice.

It is very important to wash and condition the beard. Rub your beard several times a week with a special cleanser. Make sure to pat gently dry. If you use too much of a towel on your beard, it can cause wrinkles and split ends.

– Using a comb or beard brush will shake off stubborn hair, training them to grow downwards.

– For mustache, keep it clean with small cuts every three to four days. Focus on the bottom of your nose with a pair of grooming scissors.



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