Example economy

This set of pages runs through the different roles people fulfill in an exchange economy and also illustrates how these roles interact by following a fictional country as it develops through the years. The primary aim of this information is to clearly illustrate the vital importance of individuals contributing more than they consume and making sure that they consume sustainably.

Firstly, the positive and negative roles that individuals can fulfill in an exchange economy are discussed. In the simplest terms: a society will prosper if the number of people making positive contributions far outweigh the number making negative contributions, but will fail if this ratio begins to reverse. 

Subsequently, an example economy will be described over a number of pages in order to illustrate how easily a society can devolve to a state where the majority of citizens actually make negative contributions and also to describe the grave consequences of such a situation. This story is told over seven pages: 

Finally, we take a look at the moral of the story.

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