Enjoy An Extravagant North Indian Meal At The Iconic Copper Chimney


India’s cuisine is huge, versatile and diverse. Cross the length and breadth of the country and you will see that every cuisine has some new offers. When it comes to food in Delhi, North Indian or Mughlai food is a popular choice among people of all ages. While dal makhani and butter chicken are undoubtedly favorites, there is much more to this recipe. Bombay’s iconic dining hall, Copper Chimney, has just made its debut in Cyber ​​Hub, Gurgaon, and is treating Delhi NCR diners to a new kind of Mughlai food that goes beyond delicious and unusual and common options.

The Copper Chimney was originally started by Mr. JK Kapoor in Bombay when he moved there after the partition of India. His vision was to serve food from the North-West Frontier Province to Peshawar to Delhi. Launched by legendary actor Dilip Kumar in 1972, the brand has become a household name in Mumbai and has now come to Gurgaon. The familiar clang of copper bells in the contemporary interiors, the abundant vibrant lighting and indoor vegetation give the copper chimney a familiar and cozy atmosphere – just like the food of a friendly neighborhood where we often go.

Hungry and drink

The Kadak Rumali It was the first dish we tried on our tour. One of the most well-known dishes of the Copper Chimney, it was basically a paper loaf that was fried to crisp and topped with onions, tomatoes and various spices. Similar to the idea of ​​masala leaves, it was actually an addictive dish. The next was up Sarson Broccoli, A grilled broccoli appetizer seasoned with pepper mustard, influenced by Punjabi flavor. The bold taste of broccoli sauces is different from the rest. We sample Chelo kebab with cheese tikka Which was served on a bed of buttered basmati rice from Iran. The risotto-like rice was lightly sweet and melted completely in our mouths, creating a delightful pairing with the smoky cheese tikka.

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Kadak Rumali


Sarson Broccoli


Chelo Kebab

In the beverage section, we tried Masala cola And Delhi Shikhanji. Both drinks were fresh and carefully prepared with spices of choice and much more.


Masala cola


Delhi Shikhanji

Main courses and desserts

The extensive menu of Copper Chimneys has really ruined our choice. After much thought, we made the choice Spicy Punjabi Potatoes – Baby potatoes are tossed with fragrant nectar spice and whole red chillies. The taste of garlic and tomato tamarind was very prominent in this dish. Next up, Vegetable butter A creamy tomato gravy had a tempting treat with a mixture of seasonal vegetables, topped with crushed almonds. Although the preparation was great, we felt that a few more vegetables could be included.


Vegetable Butter and Spicy Punjabi Potatoes

Our food would be incomplete without trying Dal Maharaja – Black lentil stalks are boiled overnight in a slow charcoal flame with a handful of churned butter. The creamy pleasure applied to our palate and it was not enough. The Copper bread basket We had with the main course and had options like rumali roti, lachcha paratha, makhan naan and potato-stuffed kulcha. Overall, the food was finely spiced and didn’t have too much heat or pepper in it, making it suitable for all ages.


Dal Maharaja


Copper chimney bread basket

We end our meal together Muzaffar, Topped with a delightful thick Lucknowi rabi fried vermicelli. The Copper Chimney also has a special mango menu for the summer season, from which we enjoyed Mango ice cream with mango. Both desserts fascinated us.




Mango ice cream with mango

These dishes are just the tip of the iceberg – Copper Chimney has all this and much more to offer. Enjoy an outstanding and gorgeous North Indian meal at this iconic restaurant and we promise, you’ll be back for more than one occasion!

What: Copper chimney

Where: 11, CyberHub, opposite. Starbucks, Gurgaon

Cost for 2: INR 1800 ++



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