“Even Pizzas Can Be Healthy” Says Bhagyashree About Her Weekend Binge


One classic combination of weekends and good food. With the heat of summer showing no signs of pity, eating our favorite snacks and watching TV is one of the best options. Sounds related? And, it seems that Bhagyashree has given us the idea of ​​the best food to eat. Annoying his fans, he shared a boomerang of an oh-delicious pizza. Don’t lose hope. According to Bhagyashree, pizza is all healthy. Oh yeah, you read that right. “Even pizza can be healthy, vegetable overload,” he wrote. Bhagyashree also shared a close-up of pizza toppings, including broccoli, jalapeno, bell peppers and baby corn.

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If this is what you are looking for then just ask. Here are five recipes you can try at home this weekend.

1. Non veggie pizza

Our health-conscious friends can skip the pizza base and go with the nan. Trust us, this will serve as a great base for a delicious plate of homemade pizza. Drop some cheese, favorite vegetables, and your favorite pizza sauce. That’s it. Now, bake.

2. Mushroom Pizza

Pizza loaded with your favorite toppings is sure to pick your aspirations. If you are one of those people who can’t finish a pizza alone and have no agency this weekend, try these little mushroom pizzas at home.

3. Margarita pizza

Don’t feel like chopping vegetables for pizza toppings? Margherita pizza is at your rescue. Even if you are bad at cooking, you can’t go wrong with that tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella cheese recipe. A few basic ingredients and you will get a delicious result.

4. Chicken Pizza

Are you already slurping? We do not blame you. After all, this is the chicken pizza we’re talking about. Just top it with chili, onion, garlic sauce and chicken pieces and you’re ready to party. Don’t forget the cheese. To put it mildly, try this simple pizza recipe to quench the thirst for chicken and cheese.

5. Cheese pizza

This easy-to-taste cheese pizza recipe will take you on a journey of happiness. Add some pizza sauce to the base. Pour a generous amount of cheese. Top with cheese cubes and other vegetables of your choice. Now, grate some mozzarella on top and you can go.



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