For Rhea Kapoor, This Dessert Is A “Hug Of Cream Silk And Strawberries”


When it comes to food choices, film producer and entrepreneur Riya Kapoor has her own taste. Keeping an eye out for details, he does not miss the opportunity to appreciate when something is prepared with much love and care. She recently praised her friend and chef Pooja Dhingra in her Instagram story. Why are you asking Riya Kapoor shared a picture of a mouth watering cake from Pujara Patisserie and said it was like a “cream silk and strawberry hug”.

“Puja Dhingra. This strawberry cake is like cream silk and strawberry hug, ”Riya Kapoor wrote in the film. Take a look:

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If the filmmaker’s post makes you miss the wonderful strawberry cakes, you can easily bake them at home. There are different types of strawberry cakes such as chocolate strawberry cake, strawberry shortcake and strawberry amaranth cupcake.

Let’s get back to the delicious taste of Riya Kapoor and her food and drink. Not only for himself, but also for his friends.

For Christmas, he planned a reunion for family and friends at his place and offered a glimpse of the menu spread out with perseverance at a table. Chicken pieces with spicy sauce, a bowl of red-sauce pasta on the side, sprinkled with basil leaves on top, spicy curry and kumchi snack.

Later, in January of this year, he shared another Instagram update which has a happy solution for a sad day – a cup of hot chocolate and handmade biscuits in the hands of Pooja Dhingra. “Boss biscuits made with hot chocolate and puji are the solution on a rainy day,” Rhea said at the time.



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