From South Indian To Italian, Mira Kapoors Food Adventures Are Drool-Worthy; See Pics


Mira Kapoor is a die-hard foodie, which is evident from her Instagram feed. From fresh fruit to salads, from South Indian food to vegetarian food, we find ourselves hungry whenever this self-proclaimed foodie takes us on a visual gastronomic trip. Meera recently shared a snapshot of her heartfelt weekend meal and lunch on Instagram store while on vacation in Dubai. He wrote in the caption of the post, “I eat everything on holidays. The rule I follow is to have a warm breakfast. All delicious pastries (when they are eggless), cereals, cold fruits and juices are tempting. But there is nothing like a warm breakfast to start digestion and nourish the spleen. ”

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He added in the caption, “As a vegetarian, it’s usually South Indian food, and then it’s something to mix.” Mira’s breakfast consisted of idli, sambar, chutney, jata bread, coconut chia pudding, berry, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berry and raw honey. He also added a sticker that read, “Gobel until you shake.”

Here’s what Mira’s breakfast looked like:


Hours later, Mira shared another story of her lunch from Scalini, an Italian restaurant in Dubai. He captioned it, “It was a great lunch.” From the dishes on the table we could see spaghetti with white sauce, pan pasta with red sauce, pizza with cheese, vegetable patties with red sauce, lots of chili flakes for seasoning and some soft drinks to wash it. All down.

Check out Mira’s hearty lunch here:


For dinner, although Mira did not share a picture of any food, she posted a picture of a table from Mimi Kakushi, a Japanese restaurant in Dubai, and wrote, “Looks like the table is set for me.”


Mira Kapoor is in Dubai with her husband actor Shahid Kapoor. Even a few days ago, Meera shared pictures of some mouth watering food that the couple enjoyed. They enjoyed some French food at the LPM restaurant and bar in Dubai. On her plate, we could see cherry tomato slices as well as topped with stacked and freshly scented basil. Beneath it was a galda burata cheese served with some green pesto sauce. Check out Mira’s “Date Night” here (yes, that’s what she said). In a previous post, he also shared a picture of a cup of coffee with some croissants next to him and captioned it, “Don’t break my diet.”

Mira Kapoor knows for sure how to balance her aspirations and healthy eating.



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