Genius Or Bizarre? Ice Gol Gappa Is The Latest Fusion Food To Frustrate Foodies


Outbreaks of summer in India are not unknown to us! And in our efforts to escape the heat, we cling to anything cold, chilly, or soothing, such as juices, ice cream, cold desserts, yogurt-based foods, etc. এমনকি even holding an ice slab for a minute of comfort. However, would you also consider eating an ice slab? Well, not exactly a slab, but shaved ice?

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If your answer to the above question is ‘yes’, then you will be happy to know that this is exactly what a street vendor is serving! But wait, there’s more! To the chagrin of food lovers and gossip lovers all over the world, the vendor is seen pouring shaved ice into a crispy pur পুরe, and on top of that Ruh Afza is pouring what we think. This creation has caused a stir on the internet and to be honest, we understand why! The video was uploaded by ‘Viral Indian Officer’ on their Instagram page and received 149k views, 5634 likes and 400+ comments. Interested in seeing all about the craze? Watch the video here:

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The caption of the video does not specify the exact location of the seller; Instead, the video only says ‘Ice Gol Gappa’ with heart emoji. Here are some interesting comments we received:

“Yeh laal rang ni meri aankhon ka nikla hua khun hai” (The red liquid he uses is nothing but bloody tears that I shed)

“Why Bidhata, why”

“I wouldn’t lie if I were blind.”

“Did you create monsters?”

“I’m calling the police right now.”

“It’s time to leave this planet!”

While most viewers were disappointed by the creation, some joked about how more elements could be added to make it even more bizarre.

“Absolute butter missing”

“Cheez kaha hai?” (Where’s the cheese?)

“Sensodine kaha hai” (Where is Sensodine?)

What are your thoughts on this ice rink? Will you be lining up in front of this stall next summer? Let us know in the comments below.



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