German media advocates less showering; shares its health benefits


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Read about the health benefits of taking less baths

Whether to take a bath every day is often debated. Well, on Saturday the German newspaper Bild came up with claims and reports that showed the benefits of less bathing. Among the ongoing prospects for a complete ban on all Russian energy imports, a newspaper article headlined, “Enough to wash these four body parts – the skin cleans itself if you let it do so,” referring to energy conservation through separate activities. The Build cites the example of Robert Habeck, Germany’s economy minister, who called on his countrymen and women to reduce their heat, sun visits and showers to help reduce the country’s dependence on Russian power.

The newspaper claims that health-related sacrifices can not only make life harder for the Kremlin, but also improve human skin.

To cement their claim, the media house contacted dermatologist Yale Adler for some expert advice. They shared, “We have some bacterial strains on our skin that are beneficial but usually present in small amounts. However, if a person allows them to reproduce by skipping their regular baths, the good bacteria will protect their hosts from eczema and, moreover, body odor.” Swallows the substances responsible for. Thus, it [skin] Cleanse yourself. “

The dermatologist confirmed that “after three weeks the odor disappears and the skin begins a kind of self-cleansing process. These good bacteria only get a chance if there is at least three weeks of rest from the skin bath”.

He further suggested that a few baths without soap or shampoo would not ruin the microbiome of delicate skin. “More or less,” Adler explained, “bathing the skin regularly is nothing more than improving health.”

The article advises Germans to wash and focus only on the following four areas: the bottom, armpits, legs and groin, as these are the most smelly areas of the human body. Changing washing habits can help cure up to 20% of all skin conditions due to excessive bathing and soap use, Adler argued.

For the uninitiated, Germany will suspend Russian coal imports by August, according to the latest batch of EU sanctions, and the German government says it could free itself from Russian oil by the end of the year.



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