Holi 2022: Do’s and Don’ts to follow if you wear contact lenses


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You should be careful if you wear contact lenses

Happy Holi festival here! Celebrations are usually filled with roses, paints, water guns and water balloons. Out of all the excitement, we can only take color through different parts of the body including our eyes. Color or other elements often enter our eyes and affect this highly sensitive organ. Those who wear contact lenses should be aware that the lenses absorb the color of the holly and as a result can stick to the lens for a long time and damage them. And given that most of these dyes contain harmful agents such as industrial dyes and alkalis, their effects on the eyes can be fatal.

You should be careful if you wear contact lenses

1. It is always a good idea to take off your contact lenses before joining the Holi celebrations. If it is unavoidable, you can use disposable. When the celebration is over, wear a new set of lenses.

2. Do not allow any holi powder color (gulal) to enter your eyes. If it gets in your eyes while playing with color, wash it off immediately. This will relieve the irritation caused by the color.

3. If you forget to open your lenses and at the slightest feeling that the eyes have taken dangerous chemicals from the paint, you must immediately cancel the lenses and get a new one.

4. Before playing Holi, you can consider applying cold cream or oil around your eyes which will help to easily scrape the color from the outer surface of the eyes.

5. Try to wear a pair of sunglasses while playing Holi. This will protect your eyes from both dry and colored water.

6. If you like to wear your glasses, they will provide a mechanical barrier, protecting your eyes from both powder color and liquid.

7. If you experience eye irritation or redness, contact your doctor immediately. Do not rub your eyes.

8. Do not self-medicate. Since not all eye drops are the same, using the wrong eye drops can cause further damage to your eyes. However, in such cases, it is better to take the advice of an eye specialist.

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