Holi 2022: Fun activities, games for kids to make the most of the festival of colours


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Holi is one of the most exciting festivals, especially for children, because it is colorful and messy! In addition to celebrating the festival of colors in an eco-friendly way, there are many ways for your kids to have fun. Here are some activities to get your kids excited about Holi:

DIY holi t-shirt

There is almost nothing more satisfying than showing off your own creations. Encourage your kids to use their imagination, creativity and love of color to create their own DIY Holly T-shirts. This activity will allow your child to actually create something, from simple designs that allow them to make more intricate artistic patterns by getting their hands dirty. You can be sure that this activity will increase their interest in the festival!

Create organic colors

Because you can’t figure out the colors of the festival you are celebrating, why not find a happy medium? Organic dyes are non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety or the health of the planet. Instead of blurring the market for organic color, turn it into an activity within yourself. Creating organic colors can be included in the celebration because it is so much fun and a great bonding activity. Natural ingredients can be used to create a safe and natural color for the festival.

Toothbrush painting

Toothbrush painting is probably the most enjoyable activity for preschools because it still requires a little skill while providing a creative outlet. It lets your kids have fun, make noise and possibly create a masterpiece that will be valuable to you for years to come.

Make Holi sweets

Most of us have fond memories of our childhood, most of which revolved around making Holi sweets known as “gujian”. Yes, children enjoy sweets, but the activity of making them is much more valuable as a family bonding activity. This is the process by which memory is created. Take time to make sweets with your kids this Holi. Give them easy work and get them involved. Let them shake the batter and help them with things like flour. You can even experiment with the traditional sweet chocolate version. Just remember that the goal is to have fun as a family, not to make the best dessert possible.

Holly is all about syringes

The syringe is an endless frenzy, and it’s hard to imagine Holi without this fun toy. Here’s a fancy way to enjoy the thrill of playing with them without feeling guilty about wasting water. Fill these toys with fruit juices instead of water and let your kids drink from them. You can even line up things by creating games where you have to spray syrup on each other’s faces! It is definitely a lot of fun and does not waste any water.



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