Holika Dahan: For Financial gains, family’s health and progress, do THIS during circumambulation of Holi fire



An image representing the Holika Dahan


  • The small Holi will be celebrated on March 17 this year and the Holika will be lit in the late evening
  • Holika Dahan marks the beginning of the festival of colors
  • Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions

Today, after Holika Puja, one has to go around the fire of Holi and give barley or wheat pendants, gram, mug, rice, coconut, sugarcane, wind etc. in the fire. Barley earrings should be fried in the fire of Holi and eaten as prasad and distributed to all. After burning Holika, everyone should pour themselves in the colors of Holika. Acharya Indu Prakash has given some measures that you can take to protect yourself and your family from the evil eye.

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– To prevent evil eye, today while burning Holika, take a lemon, cut it into four pieces, stand by the fire of Holika and throw one piece on each side. If you do this today, you will be safe.

– To increase wealth in business or job, take 7 Gumti Chakras today and during the burning of Holika, separate one Gumti Chakras one by one while circling the fire of Holi. Make a circle and place a Gumti Chakra in a separate bag. Similarly, when making seven rounds, keep the Gumti Chakra in a separate bag and then keep this bag safe for you. Doing so today will grow your business.

– If you or someone in your family has a problem with anger or is more annoyed with nature, throw a handful of black sesame seeds into the Holi fire today after hitting yourself or that person seven times. By doing this today, you will be more successful in controlling your anger.

– To alleviate all your troubles and bring happiness in life, dedicate an intact water to a peepal tree and make a swastika mark with a roll on the main door outside your house. Also put 5 dung cakes or a garland made of dung on the fire of Holi during Holika burning. Doing this today will fill your life with happiness.

– For the health of your family, take 10 neem leaves, 6 cloves and a camphor and throw it in the Holi fire after hitting seven times. If you do this today, your child will be in good health.

– To remove negativity from your life, to evoke positivity, take a dry ball today and cut it from the top, fill it with linseed and a little molasses and keep that ball in the fire of Holi while burning Holika. Evening. Doing this today will bring positivity in your life.

– To maintain the happiness and prosperity of the house, make a four-sided lamp of flour in the evening, put oil in it and light it outside the main door of the house. Also add barley grains to the Holi fire. If you do this work today, by the grace of mother Lakshmi, your means of happiness and prosperity will increase day by day.

To invigorate life, take a raw coconut today and place it in your temple, worship with vermilion, intact, tie a kalba and place that coconut on the fire of Holi while burning Holika. Doing this today will fill your life with enthusiasm and joy.

– For the betterment of your children, take your children for Holi puja wearing peanut garland and go around Holi 7 with your child. By doing this today, your child will get better results in their work.

– In the future, you will never have to face financial crisis and if you have any financial problems at the moment, you should also end it, for this, after the moon rises in the evening, keep dried dates and some butter. A plate as prasad. Keep it pure. Worship the moon god by lighting the lamp. Then distribute prasad among the children after milking. Also add some butter to the Holi fire. Doing so today will solve your financial problems quickly.

– To improve your health, put 11 barley earrings on a white cloth today, apply a garland of sandalwood or sandalwood perfume on that cloth, take seven wounds on your body and throw it in the Holi fire. Doing this today will improve your health as well as your life.

– To ensure improvement for yourself and your life partner, take a drink during Holika Pujo tomorrow and keep a camphor, a little haban ingredients, a pair of cloves dipped in ghee and a batasha. Now cover that pan with another pan and burn the betel leaves and all the things kept in it during the Holikadahan in the evening. Doing so today will improve you and your wife.



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