Hosting a party this weekend? Decor guide to make your guests feel welcome


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Decoration guide to welcome your guests

Hosting a party at home is one of the best ways to socialize and spend quality time with friends and family. Instead of having a busy bar or paying large sums to book a party space, consider a house party. But one must first design their home and create a welcoming environment.

Ashima Singla, founder and CEO of Whispering Homes, shared the key points on the checklist for organizing house parties:

Decorate the entrance

One of the most important places to decorate the door. Your apartment needs exterior and entrance accessories. Beaded curtains, colorful plants, wall hangings, and other decorative items can be added. The exterior of the door can be decorated with attractive plants and LED lights to give it an exquisite look. If you are organizing a themed party, you can customize the decor to match the theme. You can also put up signboards at the entrance to let people know about the subject. Decorations such as balloons and colored ribbons can also be used.

Table and dining area

To create the ideal mood, your home furniture can be arranged according to the theme. Culinary and dishware can be selected and arranged according to the occasion. Colorful drinking umbrellas, straw, glasses, and napkins can be placed on the table to give flavor to a house party. A container of fruits and vegetables, as well as the centerpiece of a brightly colored flower, may appear on the dinner table. If you arrange a celebration for your child’s birthday or to honor someone, you can put a picture of a special guest or a montage on the dining table.

Dance area

You can have a place to dance, even if you are having a house party. There is no need to create a stage for the dance floor; Instead, make room for the audience to dance. Install colorful lights, as well as some fairy lights and other small lamps to make the place more suitable.

Colors should be splatter everywhere

It is important to enliven the interior as much as possible for an attractive and bright effect. Mix as much color as you can and use it in a unique way in your home. Also, include a range of items such as balloons, photographs and lighting.

Use soft lights and candles to create an intimate atmosphere

If you are throwing a night party or your guests want a more personal atmosphere, use dim lighting. You can use a lamp (all shapes, colors and sizes) and spread it around the house. Also, use good lighting and employ them artistically so that light is thrown on all sides of the house.



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