How To Make Hot Toddy: A Soothing Winter Drink To Brave The Cold Weather


Cold winter nights have left us shivering, we’ve got a fair share of warm and nutritious soups and brews these past few weeks. From homemade tomato soup to restaurant-style Mancho soup, we find ourselves chasing after something that will help us venture out of today’s cold weather. And if you’re looking for a warm drink that’s a little lighter and easier to prepare than soup, we’ve got what you need, it’s called a toddy. Toddy is one of the best ‘Snow Day’ drinks for western countries, but it is also gaining popularity among Indians, due to its simplicity and rich and spicy blend, it is a cozy and comfortable drink.


Hot drinks are best enjoyed in winter

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Usually made with alcohol, we help you with both non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions of Hot Toddy that you can enjoy with friends and family. Hot toddy is also known for its cold healing power. Warm liquids, a mixture of spices, honey and fresh lemon juice are helpful in case of sore throat or common cold. The process begins with making a simple hot tea, adding the necessary spices and honey to it and finishing with a lemon wedge and cinnamon stick for that extra flavor. Try this delicious drink; Here is the recipe for you.

How To Make Hot Toddy l Hot Toddy Recipe:

For the classic hot toddy recipe, all you need is whiskey, warm water and some honey and lemon juice. You can also use a lemon wedge and cinnamon stick to decorate. Here’s the procedure:

In a glass, take 3/4 cup warm boiling water and add 1/4 cup whiskey.

Mix lemon juice and honey in equal parts to balance the sweetness of the drink and the nature of the squid.

Once well mixed, discard the lemon wedges and cinnamon sticks, and the hot toddy is ready.

Irish Coffee Whiskey 625

In many western countries, hot toddy is a classic snow day drink

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Similarly, you can prepare another type of toddy by replacing whiskey with tea. It is best to start because of the neutral taste of plain black tea. However, if you drink green tea or any other type of herbal tea, make sure that the whole spice flavors will complement the tea without conflicting with the spice mixture. Here’s the procedure:

In a cup pour honey, lemon juice and cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg powder.

Pour warm black tea and stir well, dissolve honey and add other spices.

Add a lemon wedge and enjoy while hot.

Try this hot toddy recipe that next time you will feel a bit under the weather, or just take a push to get through a particularly cold night. Let us know how you like it in the comments below.



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