How to take care of pets during summer season? 6 tips to get them through the warm weather


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Labrador breed dogs enjoy fun time together


  • With proper hydration and proper diet, animals can go through the summer
  • It is important to keep your pet well-groomed during the summer season
  • Use a fan or AC to control the temperature in the room where your pet is relaxing

Summer comes and you will notice that your hairy friends are behaving differently. Like humans, climate change affects animals. Especially in the summer season, pets need special care due to the rising temperature in the surroundings. Hot and humid conditions can have a devastating effect on the health of animals, whether they are adopted and have access to a home or they are misguided. Here are some tips to help you keep your pet safe in the summer.

– Summer calls for a change in the animal’s eating habits. Do not overfeed them this season. Do not eat stale food or 4-5 hours at any cost and do not serve food lying in the open.

– Hydration is essential for humans as well as for pets. Make sure their water bowl is always filled with drinking water. Keep an eye on their fluid intake. When you feed them, try to include some fluids in their diet. This will help in easy digestion.

– Keep them in a cool place during extreme heat. Because it is cold, the animals like to lie on the floor. So let them be. Make sure you walk with them, or play with them very early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperature is favorable.

– Some pets prefer to sprinkle water on the floor from their drinking containers and lie on it for cooling effect. This activity should not be discouraged because animals do not sweat as much as we do to control body temperature.

– Turn on the AC to control the temperature during extreme heat. Make sure the fan is on when a dog or other pet is in the house.

– If your dog has thick fur, make sure they are well-groomed because the extra layer of hair feels hot in the summer.



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