How to use whey protein in your daily diet for weight loss and gain? Expert answers


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How to use Hui protein in your daily diet to lose and gain weight? Expert answers

If you are a regular gym visitor or even do physical activity from a distance, you must have heard about the benefits of eating hui protein. Milk contains two types of proteins – casein and whey. Whey protein is present in the aqueous portion of milk after the production of cheese. It is low in lactose and contains 9 essential amino acids, so it can be called a complete protein. But why should it be eaten only by gym-passengers? No! While licking may be the gold standard for building lean muscle, it can also help you maintain your ideal weight.

Hui for weight loss

According to dietitian Garima Goyal, one of the major changes in weight loss is changing to a high protein and low carb diet. Why does that do exactly that. High protein improves satiety and boosts metabolism – thus making it easier to reach your healthy weight as you end up eating less. It is common to find that when it comes to weight loss, you lose muscle mass – which is not true. The good news here is that licking actually helps reduce fat and preserves lean muscle mass, a 2008 study claims.

Whey is easy to eat – mix water with some of your favorite spinach, pumpkin, cucumber or even watermelon with hydrating fruits and you can go. But the key is to make sure you replace some of your diet (breakfast) with calories and stay physically active – strength training can be a bonus!

Hui for weight gain

Weight gain requires a calorie surplus, but the source of those extra calories determines whether weight gain is healthy. For a sustainable weight gain, a high protein diet (1.2-1.5 g / kg body weight) is helpful.

A good quality Hui protein gives 20-22 grams of protein per scoop. High protein in calorie surplus diet helps build muscle instead of fat. Because of its versatility, it can be added to shakes, yogurt, cereals, virtually everything – making it a great way to add extra calories. Eating it after a workout will help you recover faster.

For a healthy high-calorie hui protein shake, use milk as a base and add protein with some oats or muesli, favorite nuts and seeds to a fruit like banana – a delicious, rich and on-the-go mid-meal alternative for you to rely on. Can! Although nothing can replace a balanced diet, something as versatile as a whey protein may be a safe choice to meet your goals – for both weight loss and weight gain.

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