Hrithik Roshan compliments Saba Azad; she replies, ‘You the cutest – ok bye’ | Hindi Movie News


Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad have been making headlines since January when they first met together on a dinner date. Although they have not yet formalized their relationship, their frequent outings and their social interactions speak volumes about the amount of equations they share. The latest Hrithik Roshan has praised Saba in his Instagram post where he sings a Punjabi song. “That pencil only adds contrast to everything you have as a human being. I say inconsistency,” he wrote in the comments.

Saba responds by saying, “Hey thank you 🙂 I hope you find the value of my steady – you are the most beautiful – ok bye :)”

Saba wrote a long caption on how the diamond-ranger tragic love story was a part of her growing up years. “I was dreaming of a diamond during the mid-study time. I was holding the line for my next project and it came to my mind. To be able to concentrate, I have to get it out of me. As long as I can remember, diamonds are a part of my musical upbringing. – Many magical singers have sung his story – The first memory of Heer-Ranjara to me goes back to my grandparents’ house on summer vacation in Ludhiana – The magical notes coming from our grandmother’s house came to us. And acting in different versions of this tragic story of loss that the word diamond is sitting in my heart like a memory that I have survived. If I remember correctly, this is a small part of Tufail Niazi’s performance. Yes, you can hear the AC buzzing in the back. Not the best effort I’m afraid but anyway I would love to sing it – sorry for the mistake “,” he wrote in the caption.

A few weeks ago, Hrithik and Saba were spotted walking hand in hand at the airport in Mumbai after a trip to Goa where they joined the launch party of Suzanne Khan’s new restaurant.


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