India is official country of honour at 2022 Marche du Film aka Cannes Film Market. What does it mean?


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In Cannes Film Market 2022, India is the official country of honor


  • Cannes Film Market is a business competitor to Cannes Film Festival
  • For the first time in the history of Cannes, the ‘market’ is a land of honor.
  • Six Indian films in different languages ​​will be screened at Cannes Film Market

From May 17 to May 25, India will be the official country of honor at the Cannes Film Market, also known as March Do Film. Anniversary Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Tagore is in France and will lead the largest Indian team to walk the red carpet in Cannes. Leading the Indian delegation including Shekhar Kapoor, AR Rahman, Prasoon Joshi, R Madhavan, Tamanna Bhatia, Bani Tripathi, Pooja Hegde and folk artist Mame Khan will lead the red carpet event before the release of Tagore’s inaugural film Coupage. Final Cut) by Michelle Hazanavicius

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For those who are wondering what the Cannes Film Market or March Do Film is and what it means to be a ‘land of honor’, we have covered you.

Cannes Film Market or March Do Film

It is the business rival of the Cannes Film Festival. The Cannes Film Market and the Cannes Film Festival are two sides of the same coin. The Cannes Film Market welcomes participants from around the world each year. To date, it represents the largest international gathering of film industry professionals. It has become a top destination for film promotion from all over the world. This creates the conditions for working like a Cannes festival, showing movies and meeting other professionals. People swap business cards and close projects.

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India has been named the Official Country of Honor in the Cannes Film Market

For the first time in Cannes Film Market, there will be an official ‘Country of Honor’. This special focus will continue each year with future nations in the spotlight in future editions.

Indian films will be screened at Cannes Film Market

As a result of its official ‘Country of Honor’ status in the Cannes Film Market, a special exhibition of a restored Indian classic film rivalry directed by Satyajit Ray is planned as part of the Cannes Classic selection of the festival. Also, the world premiere of selected Indian films will be held at Olympia Cinema. A total of six movies will be screened – the first Rocketry directed by Madhavan: The Number Effect, slated for release in early July, Nikhil Mahajan’s Marathi language Godavari, Shankar Srikumar’s Alpha Beta Gama, Biswajit Bora’s Bumba Ride, Achal Mishra. Dhuin and Jayaraj trees are full of parrots.

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Panel Discussion on India: The Content Hub of the World

The India Forum will be the first event to open the conference program at the Cannes Film Market on May 19 and will be attended by acclaimed personalities from India and around the world. Apurba Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, Prasoon Joshi, Chairperson, Central Board of Film Certification, India, and Shekhar Kapoor, Veteran Indian Filmmaker, will lead the panel discussion on India: The Content Hub of the World.

Cannes Film Market event to highlight India

India will be highlighted through a series of Cannes Film Market programs.

– Ears: The Film Market and the National Film Development Corporation of India will present a special selection of their feature films in post-production, still looking for a sales agent, distributor or festival exposure on 21 May.

– Can Next: Five state-of-the-art Indian start-ups will showcase their projects through a dedicated pitching session that will showcase India’s latest innovations to film industry professionals and decision makers.

– Can XR: India will be part of the XR-Dedicated Program that will provide participants with a completely immersive experience at the Palais des Festival.

– Animation Day: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will meet and connect with animation film experts and enthusiasts with Indian professionals and talents at the Animation-Dedicated Networking Cocktail on 22 May.



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