India sees warmest March in 122 years, lowest rainfall since 1908


NEW DELHI: India’s hottest March in 122 years has been recorded, with intense heat waves scorching large parts of the country this month, the Indian Meteorological Department said on Saturday.
The meteorological department has blamed abnormal heat for lack of rainfall due to active western disturbances in northern India and absence of any major system in southern India.
Across the country, 8.9 mm of rainfall has been recorded, which is 71 percent less than its long-term average of 30.4 mm. It was the third lowest rainfall in March 1901, after 6.2 mm in 1909 and 7.8 mm in 1908.
“Across the country, the average temperature recorded in March 2022 (33.10 degrees Celsius) is the highest in 122 years,” the IMD said in a statement.
In March 2010, the country’s highest temperature was recorded at 33.09 degrees Celsius.
The Meteorological Department said the country’s average temperature in March was 26.67 degrees Celsius, the second highest after the 26.671 degrees Celsius recorded in March 2010.
March nationwide lows of 20.24 degrees Celsius were the third highest in 122 years after 20.26 degrees Celsius in 1953 and 20.25 degrees Celsius in 2010.
In northwestern India, the average maximum temperature (30.73 degrees Celsius) is the highest in the last 122 years. March 2004 saw an average maximum temperature of 30.67 degrees Celsius.
The average minimum temperature was 15.26 degrees Celsius, the second highest in the region. The average minimum temperature in March 2010 was 15.4 degrees Celsius, it says.



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