Indian Mini Thali: 5 Quick And Easy Recipes To Put Together A Wholesome Lunch


Indian cuisine is as vast and extensive as its culture. Each region has a wide range of unique foods and drinks to offer, making it impossible for us to try at once. In fact, you must miss something every time. So, various food experts recommend eating traditional thali, which brings the best food on one plate. If you explore, you will find that every region has their traditional thali – there are Punjabi thali, South Indian thali, Bengali thali, hill thali, Nepali and many more. Similarly, we find something called homemade thali (or homemade thali). Wondering what a homemade dish is? It is basically a gathering of comfortable food that we eat every day. And yes, this dish is not as extensive as the traditional dish we order at a restaurant. Here we have come up with some recipes that keep an uninterrupted position on the Indian homemade plate.

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Here are 5 quick and easy recipes for putting together a whole lunch platter:

1. Cumin rice:

Indian food is not complete without rice. It provides you with a good amount of carbohydrates for comfort and complete nutrition. To prepare fragrant cumin rice, you can either eat plain steamed rice or add a pinch (ghee, cumin and red chilli). Let’s take a look at some easy ways to make non-sticky rice. Click here to learn more.

2. Bread:

The next important dish on the plate is bread. In fact, we can’t think of food without at least one loaf of bread on the menu. You can combine it with pulses, vegetables and pickles and enjoy a healthy meal at any time of the day. But making bread is not as easy as it may seem. You will either go wrong with the flour or go wrong with the shape of the bread when rolling it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have come up with some simple cooking tips that will help you make soft and fluffy bread like a professional. Click here to learn more.

3. Pulses:

What is the first meal in your mind when someone talks about Indian comfortable food? The most common answer would be dal-chawal or dal-roti. Pulses are not only rich in protein and other health benefits, they are also delicious. Here are nine of the most popular pulses recipes across India that can be added to your daily diet. Click here for the Pulses recipe.

4. Potato Cumin:

Let’s face it, there’s something very comforting about potato cumin that we get back to over and over again. Eat it with rice, bread or bread, potato cumin helps to improve your eating experience in a short time. Here we bring the classic potato cumin recipe to add to your plate. Click here for the procedure.

5. Khir:

No food seems complete without eating something sweet. We have come up with a classic Indian dessert – kheer – a recipe that will help you enjoy the whole meal experience. In fact, we have selected for you the six most popular Khir recipes from all over India. Let’s take a look at the recipes.

In addition to the above dishes, a plate contains some delicious ingredients such as raita, salad, pickles and papad. These ingredients help to make your food taste better! So, be sure to include them when keeping homemade plates together.

Try it out today and enjoy a healthy lunch at home!



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