Indulge In The Comfort Of Asian Cuisine At Kylin Experience, Noida


There is something comforting about an Asian food that makes us fall for it again and again. Whether it’s a balanced texture or a combination of flavors or colorful presentation – Asian cuisine ticks all the boxes. Imagine a blast of flavor in a pale amount of flavor or a game of colors in a grape salad – such a soothing experience, isn’t it? To have such a gastronomical experience, we recently decided to visit the newly opened Kylin Experience in Sector 18, Noida.

Environment in the Kylie experience:

Like any Asian restaurant, Kylin Experience has a cozy atmosphere with a choice of colors, warm lighting and comfortable seating. Upon entering, it looks like a semi-formal dinner, where one can sit down and enjoy a comfortable meal with friends and family.


In the picture: Veg Five Spiced Dimsam

Food in Kylin’s experience:

We started with the Smoked Vegetable Platter and the Shrimp Tempura from the Starters section. The smoked vegetable platter includes a variety of vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini, button mushrooms, baby corn and shit mushrooms, all of which come in a hot sizzling plate. Be careful when serving because the plate is too hot! Shrimp tempura, on the other hand, is a staple of Japanese cuisine, and if you are a Japanese food lover, you may find that it is definitely a treat when you eat at an Asian restaurant. The crisp yellow-gold cover hides the tender and juicy well-cooked shrimp in it and a single bite of this deep-fried dish will take you to heaven in no time. Kylen Experience has done a great job here and I actually got some extra packs later.


Photo: Smoked Vegetable Platter


In the photo: Shrimp Tempura

After that, we went to Sushi and Egg Sam. Kylie Experience offers a plethora of sushi options. I picked truffle enoki rolls and spicy salmon rolls. To a lesser extent, I have tried using Veg Five Spiced and Nepali Kothe (Kothe) Momo. As the name implies, Veg Five Spiced Eggs was a bit too much in the spice content – I enjoyed the taste of the spice packed in the bite-sized egg sams; But if you hate spicy foods, I recommend eating adamame and truffle dim sum. Nepali Kothe (Kothe) Momos are equally impressive and quite healthy. So, if you are planning to do a light main course then ask for these.


Photo: Shrimp Tempura Roll

In the main course, I chose Hot Pot Vegetable and Lamb Hunan style from The Walk section. This section is exciting for those who want to enjoy the authentic taste of a bowl of food with ease. With over 10 options, including Classic Green Thai Curry and Chicken in Chili Oyster Sauce, this section promises to delight every Asian food lover.


Photo: Hot Pot Vegetables

For dessert, I recommend Darsan with vanilla ice cream and the chef’s special chocolate roulette. You can finish your meal with a hot pot of jasmine tea. Not only does it help digest your food, but it will leave a nice aftertaste (and fragrance) on your palate.

Where: DLF Mall Of India, F-456 A, S, Sector 18, Noida

Price: INR 2,000 for two persons (approximately) without alcohol



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