Innovative tips on how to engage your toddlers indoors


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Innovative tips on how to employ your kids indoors

It can be hard to keep a small child busy indoors, because they are at an age where they want to run, explore and be free! Even after spending fair time in the park, the kids continue to spend more time outside. Although parents try their best to entertain them, sometimes it becomes a challenge for them to keep their children at home.

Here are some innovative tips from young parents and pediatricians on how to keep your kids indoors:

Sonal Sneha, mother of a three year old super active girl, says: “Working with my daughter and managing the household chores was getting a bit tiring because I couldn’t play with her all the time. That’s when my husband and I decided to have a puppy, Maggie in her life. Now, my daughter wants Maggie’s company, where she spends most of the day lying on the floor with our puppy and playing all kinds of games with her. A lot of the time on the floor, we make sure it’s cleaned with herbal products like ITC’s Nymel. “

Dr. Kalairasi K, a pediatrician, says that balanced games can be great for toddlers and toddlers and help improve their motor skills and their balance. “Young parents can stick different colored tapes on the floor, where the child has to balance himself and just walk on the tape. If he falls off the tape, he will get out of the game. You may have different rules. It’s more fun. And walk to make it attractive ৷ for example, you can ask a child to walk on one foot on a red tape and walk fast on a green tape. Bring clothes. “

Alka Srivastava, mother of two, says: “My little one is 9 months old and at this stage, the kids learn to recognize themselves in pictures or mirrors. Set a mirror safely on the floor and let your child explore his face. Ask, ‘Where are your eyes?’ Or ‘Can you raise your hand?’ Or ‘crawl in the mirror to touch your reflection’ etc. My older one is four years old, so we have to play a little more challenging game with him.

“So, whenever I have a video call with a relative or friend, I introduce him and then show him the different pictures, videos and ask him to identify them and ask different questions like ‘What is your relationship with him’, ‘Grandma on the search album’.” , Or ‘When was the last time you met them?’ I encourage my kids to play together, where I put some jigsaw puzzles on the floor or make easy huddles on the living room floor so they can cross together. These games also help build a bond between them. By. “



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