International Tea Day: 5 Refreshing Teas That Can Help You Detox


Would like For Indians it is not just a drink, but an emotion we swear. Whether it’s about sharing our life’s struggles with best friends or an evening with loved ones, a steaming hot tea has always been the best companion. Despite being the most widely accepted beverage in the world, tea is versatile and can be prepared in many different ways using many different ingredients depending on the need. And, May 21 is celebrated as International Tea Day. This allows us to recognize the importance of this drink and its benefits. Nowadays, many people have started drinking tea to get rid of toxins from their body. Ideal detox tea can be prepared with a few healthy, household ingredients that not only make you feel fresh but also help in the detoxification process. Check out five tea recipes that can be a great addition to your detox diet.

1) Detox turmeric tea

Let’s get on the list of detox teas with it. This hot drink carries a perfect blend of beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients for the body. Indians have always believed in turmeric and its health benefits. This bright yellow spice is a powerful liver cleansing ingredient that improves its effectiveness and enhances immunity. Detox Turmeric tea may be the easiest way to detox.

2) Honey Lemon Ginger

This tea is believed to be the ultimate cure for sore throat and cold. However, there is more to this tea that you need to know. This strong drink is seasoned with ginger and honey adds some sweetness. Honey Lemon Ginger Tea is one of the best ways to start your day. Next time, whenever you want to detox, this should be your go-to recipe.

3) Amla Ginger Tea

This is a great recipe if you want to clean your system from the inside out. Amla Ginger Tea takes only a few minutes to prepare. In addition to detoxing, these healthy flavors are beneficial for weight loss and help boost immunity. It also works wonders for your skin. All you need to make it is amla powder, ginger powder, rock salt and some honey.

4) Lemon tea

We all know that lemon has detoxifying properties and it is widely used in various beverages. It is proven to be loaded and refreshed by vitamin C. This simple lemon tea can easily be a part of your detox diet. To make it you just need to follow a regular process and substitute sugar with honey. No need to give milk. Just a pinch of salt with lemon, water, black tea and some ginger will work.

5) Ginger Azwain Lemon Tea

The best part about tea is that it is versatile and you can prepare it in different ways even if you aim for a single purpose, here – detoxification. Ginger celery lemon tea not only tastes good, it also helps remove toxins from your body. Experts also believe that this tea can speed up the process of weight loss.

Eat right, stay healthy. To drink These tea recipes will help you stay healthy. Remember, restraint is key.



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