iPhone 14 Pro Max Schematics Tip Design, Suggest Thinner Bezels


The iPhone 14 Pro Max schematics have been released online, giving Apple enthusiasts a glimpse into the design of the upcoming handset. The images suggest a pill-shaped cutout and a hole-punch cutout on the upcoming phone instead of a display groove. According to the latest leak, the pill-shaped cutout will measure 7.15mm in width and the hole-punch cutout will hold 5.59mm for holding a selfie sensor. The images show a gap between the pill-shaped cutout and the hole-punch cutout. Further, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is said to come with a 1.95mm thin bezel, which is thinner than its predecessor iPhone 13 Pro Max. Although Apple has not yet announced anything about the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Tipster ShrimpApplePro (@VNchocoTaco) Tweet Schematics of iPhone 14 Pro Max. There is also a gap between the pill-shaped cutout and the hole-punch cutout.

According to the latest leaks, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will have a height of 160.7mm, a width of 78.53mm with side buttons and a depth of 12.16mm with a camera bump. The back bump of the handset is expected to be 4.18mm high.

In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 1.95mm bezel, which is much smaller than the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 2.42mm bezel. However, it is expected to increase the screen-to-body ratio of the upcoming phone. Also, the earpiece speaker height of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max has been reduced from 1.52mm to 0.57mm.

Since no confirmation has yet been received from Apple about the iPhone 14 Pro Max, this information should be considered with a pinch of salt.

Over the past few weeks, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has been tipped more than once. According to past leaks, the new model will be equipped with the next generation Apple A16 bionic chip. It is also said to feature a 120Hz promotion display.



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