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Morgan Tremaine, a former employee of the entertainment website TMZ, testified in the Johnny Depp defamation suit against Amber Hard.

Tremaine, a former field assignment manager for the news agency, testified that he sent photographers out of the courtroom in 2016 to get pictures of Amber Hard after receiving a “tip off”.

“He was going to stop and turn to the camera and show the wound,” he told the court.

Although Tremain did not disclose the source of the tip, he said it came from a news producer, which means it came from a verified source.

Hard testified that he was “shocked” to see photographers outside the courtroom after a judge ordered a restraining order against Depp.

He also testified in court that Hard’s team broke into his kitchen and leaked the video to Depp’s TMZ. Although Tremain did not confirm it was hard, he said the video sent was shorter than it showed the jury. It was reported that the TMZ version was obtained from an “anonymous” tip, the part that hard ‘pointed at the camera’, was not there, Tremain said.

While in the position of witness, Tremaine did not disclose the source behind the tip-off, Twitter thinks his expressions were far removed. Take a look at the following tweet:

But there was a big bombshell on the “trembling” court on Twitter when Tremain Hard’s lawyer took Elaine Bradhoft. When Bradhoft was asked if he was on the stand just to get his “15-minute reputation,” he denied the claim, saying he “wanted nothing to gain from it.”

Although the question was objected to by Depp’s party, the judge allowed him to answer, and he countered by saying, “I am targeting TMZ, a very demanding organization. I can say the same thing about taking Amber Hard as a client. I think it’s completely logical. ”

Camera footage shows Ellen Bradhoft clearly surprised by the answer, while Depp’s team struggles to contain their laughter. The gallery, on the other hand, could not contain their honest response to the rebuttal. Videos and screenshots of the gallery’s shocking reactions have flooded social media and many are laughing out loud at the court drama.

“Ladies and Gentlemen Legends for Roasting Ellen Before Signing Off The TMZ Man,” read a tweet.

Another said, “Elaine has just been served.”

Reacting to the viral video, another said, “The woman was too stunned to speak.”

TMZ, meanwhile, argued that Tremen should not be forced to disclose information about a source who provided him with a video of him screaming at Depp Hard and knocking on cabinet doors, according to court documents. Herd’s lawyer, Elaine Bradhoft, also objected to Tremen’s testimony, claiming that he should have been identified as a witness earlier in the case.

However, Depp’s lawyer Ben Chiu noted that Tremen was not subpoenaed and that he would testify on his own will.


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