Kartik Aaryans Coffee Came With A Dhamaka Surprise; Take A Look


Karthik Aryan is impressed with the success of his latest film Dhamaka. And, praise for his work in movies is following him even in a coffee shop. The actor, who played the protagonist in the film, was shocked when his morning coffee was served with amazing details. The name ‘Arjun Pathak’ was written on his coffee cup. Do you wonder why Karthik Aryan was so excited about it? In ICYMI, Karthik’s character name is Arjun Pathak Dhamaka. The name in the coffee cup only shows how deeply the character engraved itself in the minds of the viewers.

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This is not the first time that Karthik Aryan has got “Arjun Pathak” in his cup. Earlier, the actor shared a picture where he was holding a cup of coffee. In this photo, Karthik smiles at the cup and captioned the photo, “In Delhi.” Certainly, his character in the film is being warmly welcomed by viewers across India.

Photo success, Bang Also on November 22 Kartik followed Aryan in his birthday celebrations. The joy of the actor’s birthday was a chocolate-glazed cake with water in his mouth. Above it was written “Dhamaka boy”. Tempered chocolate decorations and a “Happy Birthday” cake topper also stick to the top of the delicious cake. Learn more about it here.

Karthik Aryan is one of those Bollywood food lovers with whom we can all relate. His food trip took him to a street food stall in Mumbai. How do we know? The actor himself posted a picture where we see him standing in front of a Chinese food stall on the side of the road. What caught our eye was that Karthik left the plate on the bonnet of his car and ate. Read more about it here.

Well, that’s not the end of it. Karthik Aryan likes “Kadak Chai”. The actor once posted a video where he said, “What a wonderful day [You forget about the day-long tiredness]He further writes “Surrer ke“Copy the slurping sound of drinking a cup of hot tea. Read about it here.



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