Lucknow Super Giants Captain KL Rahul’s Food Indulgence Includes This Popular Street Food


Do you think there is any way we can ever eat Panipuri? Well, we don’t think so. Whether it’s enjoying crispy, watery puri at the roadside kiosk or enjoying some of the coolest golgappas in our home, the excitement of this pleasure cannot be compared to any other feeling. Let’s agree, almost every street food lover in this country is a fan of Panipuri. And, what if we tell you that KL Rahul also likes this dish? In his IPL match, the Lucknow Super Giants captain found time to eat some panipuri.

The official Instagram handle of the Lucknow Super Giants shared a picture where Rahul, with a sharp look, was seen staring at Panipuri.

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Has KL Rahul’s trust with Panipuri aroused your interest? If yes, we have some Panipuri and Chaat recipes for you. You don’t have to stick to the regular style of making it. We’ve created a varied list for you.

1) Puri Puri

Let’s jump to the list of simple water puri which can be easily made at home. It is true that this food is irresistible. So, when you have some instant desire, you can easily follow the recipe and let your taste go overdrive.

2) Pineapple water puri

Ever thought of experimenting with Panipuri? Well, here’s a quick recipe with a pineapple twist. Don’t go by name or think randomly around it. We are sure that this is a fruitful turning point that you will not regret.

3) Yogurt Puri

There is some great pleasure in digging up licking items with creamy, fresh yogurt and light spices. If you like yoghurt, then yoghurt puri is the best. You can use your regular puri (which is usually used to make water puri) and fill it with some really amazing spices, lots of yogurt and chutney.

4) What a gossip

If you are concerned about the cleanliness of roadside food and want to make Panipuri at home, you can do everything from scratch. Follow this recipe and your puri will be ready in no time.

5) Golgappa shot

There is an interesting way to enjoy Panipuri here. For this, you need to prepare the flavored apple, orange and guava juice, mint, black salt, lime and other ingredients and pour it into the shot glass. Now, take crispy fried puris and fill them with juice to enjoy. Let us know how you get this wonderful food in Pani Puri.

In fact, Pani Puri is a street food that is in everyone’s heart.



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