Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is Urging His Colleagues to Be ‘Metamates’


Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday unveiled the company’s revised values, urging employees to be “metamate” who treat each other with respect and look to the future.

Zuckerberg shared his note to employees on his Facebook page that the revised Credo in the heels of the Internet giant is being meta-named in October.

“As we create the next chapter of our company as meta, we only update the values ​​that guide our work,” Zuckerberg wrote.

According to the company’s co-founder and head, Facebook last rebuilt its alleged standards in 2007.

Since the first day of Facebook, “Move Fast and Break Things” has evolved into “Move Fast” simply as a team to deliver a policy innovation.

The new Credo of Meta calls for direct, but respectful, co-operation from colleagues as “metamets”.

Zuckerberg wrote, “Meta, Metamets, Me about being a good steward of our company and mission.”

“It’s about our company and taking care of each other.”

The values ​​outlined call for a focus on building long-term and “amazing things”.

The idea of ​​urging Zuckerberg workers to metamorphose on the morale-building pitch was immediately ridiculed on Twitter.

Some have joked that the term is more appropriate for a bad dating app or even for sailors aboard ships.

“Metametas reports to Metatorium for a metamorphosis,” read one of the many jokes published on Twitter.

Others have portrayed it as part of an effort to divert attention from Facebook’s problems.

Critics have ridiculed Facebook’s rebrand as an attempt to confuse whistleblower Frances Haugen from a snowstorm.

The “Facebook Papers” showed that the company’s executives were aware of the uncontrolled spread of hate speech in developing countries, as well as the potential for harm to their site on numerous fronts, including the impact of Instagram on the mental health of teenagers.

“For those of us who are currently living, that meta Facebook is ‘not rejoicing in our deaths,'” Hughes said in a tweet on Tuesday.

“Facebook must recognize that it will never look back on that meta-verse that is causing the damage today and will never look back.”



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