Mira Kapoors Drool-Worthy Asian Meal Will Make You Slurp – See Pics


Meera Kapoor is a self-proclaimed foodie, if her posts on social media are anything to go by. Whether it’s fresh fruit and salads or home-cooked local food and five-star overseas fare, Mira is known for sharing glimpses of her food with a growing army of her online followers. So, when he recently ate at a Michelin-star Asian restaurant in Mumbai, how could he not record it on Instagram? Meera shared some pictures of her great food on Instagram Store. And we’re sure that a glance at it could turn any fan of Chinese food into a frenzy.

In one picture, we could see some dumplings on a bamboo steamer that looked like a pad Thai plate. In the other, there was a solitary crystal dumpling – a faded amount of transparent wrapping that indicates stuffing – along with a few sauces. “After two years, I feel like returning home. Let’s go back to my true love, ”Meera captioned the story. Let’s see:

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Photo Credit: Photo by Mira Kapoor

Now, if Mira’s satiety makes you thirsty, here are some dumping recipes to satisfy your taste:

1) Sausage dumplings

This one is a real pleasure. Sausage with a delicious stuffing, wonton skin and fried crispy or just steamed. This dumpling is made by combining cocktail sausage, mango sauce, garlic, tomato sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

2) Chicken and prawn dumplings

Humorous, delicious chicken and shrimp dumplings filled with spices and hints of sesame oil – aren’t your mouths watering as you read this? Save it for a hungry weekend dinner. Serve with sauce of your choice.

3) Beetroot and coconut dumplings

Combine beetroot color with coconut flavor to create this gorgeous dumpling. This could be the perfect vegan dinner option. It is a sweet dumpling, along with other ingredients including cinnamon, cardamom and honey.

4) Assorted vegetable triangle dumplings

Fully vegetarian, you can use spinach and carrot paste to get green and saffron colored momo skin, respectively. If you are someone who wears patriotism on your hands, it can be the perfect appetite. These are very easy to cook.

5) Kiwi and black olive dumplings

If you want to experiment with your taste buds, you can go for it. It is a combination of mock duck and kiwi a mouth watering.

A few days ago, Meera Kapoor took a road trip with her children Misha and Jain. She shares glimpses of their food adventure. We could see Mira, Misha and Jane having coffee and shaking. Later, in the clip, Jane is seen doing dosa champing. We can see more candy, sweets, chips and snacks in the video. Mira wrote in the caption, “Road trip fit. Fusion gum, picnic, peppy and several stops. “Read more about it here.

Mira Kapoor likes to enjoy the festival with sweet food. At least that’s what his Instagram stories on Holi suggest. Meera shared a picture of Gujias, a traditional classic dish made during the festival. His Gujia box sends us to the forehead. This sweet dish is also popularly known as Gughara, Pedakia, Karanji or Kajjikaya in other parts of the country. Take a look at Mira’s Holi enjoyment here.

From complete meals to snacks, Mira Kapoor’s food diary has everything. He also likes to dig street food. Last month, she shared a picture of her enjoyment with a beautiful view of the sunset. He shares a snap of tomatoes on top with chopped tomatoes, fresh coriander leaves, sage and some petals. For the caption, he said, “Just me and my well.” Click here to learn more about Mira Vel.

Mira Kapoor is a fan of all things delicious and we like that aspect of her personality.



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