Mira Kapoor’s Food Diaries On Holi Included These Delicious Gujiyas


Like other festivals, Holi is synonymous with good food. And one of the traditional sweets popular during Holi is Gujia. These homemade sweets are mostly made at home during Holi and without it the festival is incomplete. Gujia is basically a dumpling filled with khoya and dried fruits. Enthusiastic foodie Meera Kapoor also seems to have a fun celebration with this sweet joy. He shared a picture of Gujia’s box on Instagram Stories and scolded us. Gujia is also known as Gughara, Pedakia, Karanji or Kajjikaya in many parts of the country.

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Mira Kapoor is a self-proclaimed foodie who likes to taste it during repeated rides. And often, he is seen satisfying himself with popular local food. Not too long ago, he tasted a drill-worthy well made with a variety of fine ingredients. She shared a picture of her breakfast bowl filled with chopped tomatoes, fresh coriander leaves, crispy save and some petals on the side. In the caption, Meera writes, “Only me and my well.” Read more about it here.

It’s not just snacks, Mira Kapoor also likes to eat fried things with occasional mouth watering. A month ago, he ate deep-fried puris. However, his suffering came with a twist. Meera tried to be a little experimental with her desi food and made colorful puri. The three brightly colored puris include the classic brown, a red beetroot puri and a green toned feather version. He writes, “Continuing the series of #NaniHouseIsTheBest. Rainbow Puris. “Click here to view.

Earlier this year, Meera Kapoor was in Punjab with her husband actor Shahid Kapoor. There he enjoyed several treats and shared the same glimpse on Instagram. He shared his food menu, which was four-Punjabi food. It read, “Mool Paratha, Gajar Matar, Adarak Chai and Gajar Ka Halwa. He added, “Currently in heaven with fuzzy socks. Winter is the best. “For dinner, he ate chili cheese, honey chili potatoes and chili garlic noodles. He said,” Yes, we have a position. “Find out all about it here.

Whenever Meera Kapoor shares food updates, we find ourselves hungry. How are you



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