Miss Universe from India: Harnaaz Sandhu, Sushmita Sen & Lara Dutta winning answers & crowning video


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Miss Universe from India: Harnaz Sandhu, Lara Dutta and Sushmita Sen.


  • Harnaz Sandhu was asked what advice he would give young women on how to deal with stress.
  • Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutt won prestigious seats in 1994 and 2000 respectively

Harnaz Sandhu’s Twitter bio read, “Shine like the whole universe,” and he must have made sense of it after being crowned the 70th Miss Universe at the Universe Dome in Ilat, Israel. He brought back the title to India after 21 years by defeating competitors from 79 countries. Sandhu is India’s third title winner after Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutt in 1994 and 2000 respectively. Harnaz’s panacea for the pressure the young woman faces in answering the final question of placing the final diamond on her crown. While the nation is celebrating the victorious moment, here is the final answer and crowning moment of India’s past Miss Universe.

Harnaz Sandhu final answer and crown moment

During the final Q&A round, Sandhu was asked what advice she would give young women on how to cope with today’s stress. “The biggest pressure young people are facing today is to believe in themselves, you are unique and that is what makes you beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to others and talk about more important things happening around the world. This is what you need. To understand. Come out, speak for yourself because you are the leader of your life, you are your own voice. I believed in myself and that is why I am standing here today, “he said with a thunderous applause.

Sushmita Sen’s final answer and crowning moment

Sushmita Sen was the first Indian woman to win the Miss Universe crown in a glittering ceremony in the Philippines in 1994. In the final round, Sushmita was asked, “What is the essence of being a woman for you?” Maintaining grace and confidence, she responded, “Just being a woman is a gift from God that we all must realize. The origin of the child is a mother who is a woman. She shows a man what caring, sharing and loving is all about. That is the essence of being a woman. “

Lara Dutta final answer and crown moment

Lara Dutt won the Miss Universe title in 2000. He was only the second Indian to win the coveted title. During the final question / answer round, Lara was asked, “Right now, there’s a protest going on right outside here, calling Miss Universe pageant disrespectful to women. Let them know they are wrong. “

The answer that won her crown was: “I think a competition like the Miss Universe pageant gives our young people a platform to enter the fields we want to do and move forward, be it entrepreneurship, the armed forces, politics. It’s our choice.” And it gives us a platform to express our opinions and make us stronger, more independent than we are today. ”



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