Mother’s Day 2022 Gifts: Confused about what to give your moms? Try these interesting ideas


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Gift ideas for moms

A mother is your first friend, your best friend forever and often your only friend. No matter what your age, your mother will always tell the world to you and you will always need her. A mother always tries to put her child first. This is the time of year when you can bathe your mom with a gift and make her feel special. Every day is Mother’s Day but Mother’s Day should not be like any other day. Smile at your mom this year and celebrate her for what she does. Count the days, spend time with her, make her feel special and surprise her with a thoughtful gift that she will cherish forever. Will you give her something this year that will not only make her happy and loved but also extremely useful and will make her daily life more convenient? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Remember the time when your mother caressed you, accepted your foolish petitions, and indulged your every whim? Well, it’s your turn to pamper him! Why can’t she be given something like mother’s love on Mother’s Day? Choose something unique like your mom, something that complements her beauty and enhances her style.

Chinaya silk sari

No mother has ever said that she has enough sari. This mauve pink silk woven in a mere embroidered sari will surely impress your mother at first sight. The impression of golden lace flowers adds to the charm of this beauty. Antique lace woven fringe adds a touch of splendor to this authentic silk saree. The fabric with a hint of ornamentation has a minimalist feel and it stands as an easy choice for modern ethnic fashionistas.

Price: 4375

India TV - China Silk Sari

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Chinese silk sari

Casserole set by Jaypee

Does he like to host parties or is he a steeler to keep things organized? Does she love to cook and make lots of healthy meals for you and your family? The JP Plus Casserole set is perfect for moms who enjoy their time in the kitchen. It exudes elegant, stylish and durability. It is designed to keep food fresh, warm and healthy. The inner bowl is made of stainless steel, which keeps rust-resistant and insulating food fresh and warm. If your mom likes to cook delicious and feed you, this is definitely going to be a hit with her.

Price – 2798 rupees

India TV - Casserole set by JP

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Casserole set by Jaypee

Personalized gift from IGP

Who doesn’t love a personal touch to their gift? This makes it more meaningful and special. If you want to give your mom something that will stay with her for a long time, get a sweet gift from IGP customized with your picture or her name. The most meaningful gift is a leather handbag with his name embossed on it. Write a clever handwritten card to go with it and see how it will brighten his day. The bag is spacious with a small pouch on one side and a zipper bag on the other; A zipper bag on the back and a metal tag on the front

Price: Rs

India TV - Personalized gift from IGP

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Personalized gift from IGP

Bluetooth soundbar by RD

If your mom is tech-savvy and loves to listen to music while working, then the Bluetooth speaker is the gift she will most appreciate. Instead of digging a hole in your pocket, you can give him this Bluetooth soundbar as a gift from RD. It comes with 15W power output and a memory card slot. It has both wired and wireless and great sound quality. It has a dynamic sound effect that is extremely powerful and loud.

Price: Rs

India TV - Bluetooth Soundbar by RD

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Bluetooth soundbar by RD

Pantsuit by PowerSutra

Working mothers struggle the most when it comes to clothing. They are supermoms who balance their work and family and never complain. They deserve something that makes them feel confident and strong. Nothing makes a woman look more dynamic than a pantsuit. The color of the floating statement, like red and coffee brown, is a must have in your outfit.

PowerSutra specializes in workwear and customizes clothing choices according to your body dimensions. The best part – they range in size from XS to 15XL. This means there is something to choose from. The material is also top notch and gives a very elegant and professional look.

Price: 4000-5000 rupees

India TV - PowerSutra Pantsuit

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Pantsuit by PowerSutra

Well, the gift is not everything but giving something that says “I love you mom and I see you for what you do” is bound to get a wide smile on her face. Mom takes care of every little detail so now it’s her turn to help and make her life a little easier.



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