National Safety Day 2022: Theme, significance and everything else you need to know


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National Security Day falls on 4 March


  • National Safety Day is observed to create awareness to avoid accidents
  • It is celebrated on the founding day of the National Security Council
  • Various organizations have shared their commitment to stay safe on this day

Every year on March 4, National Safety Day is celebrated to raise awareness about safety and how to control accidents. It also emphasizes the commitment to security. It is also intended to reaffirm the commitment of employees and the general public to work safely to avoid any danger to themselves and others.

History of National Security Day

The National Safety Council of India is a non-profit organization created to assist in the creation, implementation and maintenance of national level volunteer health, safety and development gestures. The day was born out of the inaugural Industrial Security Conference of the Ministry of Labor and Employment in India, which recognized the need for Security Councils at the national and state levels. They proposed the National Safety Council, which created the holiday as a way to encourage people to take safety precautions. In 1972, National Security Day was commemorated for the first time on the founding day of the National Security Council.

The theme of National Security Day 2022

This year, the National Safety Council of India has announced the theme ‘Nurture young minds – develop a culture of safety’.

How is National Security Day being celebrated this year?

On National Safety Day, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav inspected the first field trial of the Automated Train Safety (ATP) home-made ‘Kabach’ in a South Central Railway locomotive.

More and more organizations are committed to building a secure and prosperous India.



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