Online shopping frauds to fake cosmetics, how to avoid common frauds targeting women


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How to avoid common deception targeting women

Today’s empowered women should be equipped with information that helps them to protect their interests, especially against the crimes of the 21st century – counterfeit, counterfeit goods.

Mr. Nakul Pasricha, President, ASPA (Authentication Solution Providers Association) shares, “Women are the most important consumers in the world; collectively, they manage most consumer purchases. They are natural caregivers and caring; And they have security. They need to be more empowered with accurate information to ensure that counterfeit goods are not sold. They need to be more aware of counterfeit goods and how they can avoid buying these products with simple steps. “

Let’s take a look at the common deceptions that primarily target women and how women can protect themselves from them:

Online Shopping Fraud – Fraudsters are increasingly using online platforms to sell counterfeit products such as Copicat clothing, FMCG products, cosmetics, electronics, mobile phones, and more. Many women are attracted to great offers, unique discounts and free gifts. Fraudsters are always looking for opportunities to make these offers believable, so they often mask them on special occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Holi etc. One should always make sure that the offer and the seller are valid, not just overnight. Fraud

Counterfeit cosmetics- According to data, cosmetic products are among the most counterfeit products in FMCG in India. The market is plagued with fake cosmetics including make-up, hair oil, body lotion, shampoo, soap, body wash, hair color etc. Shopping platform. These products are made with substandard ingredients or harmful chemicals and do not match the quality; So their use can be a serious health risk. Women consumers need to be more careful in buying and using these counterfeit products. Buy products from an authorized or trusted retailer or e-teller. Most established and responsible cosmetic brands protect their products with good quality and safe packaging. Thus, an instant gift of counterfeit products is weak, damaged or defective packaging. Also, one has to pay attention to the consistency or odor of the product and the irregularity of the texture. A skin test is recommended before using the product to avoid serious damage.

Duplicate Auto Parts- Young and rich women are also selling cars now. It is a fact that counterfeit automotive parts and accessories have a serious problem. It is disturbing to know that 20% of road accidents in the country can be attributed to counterfeit automobile parts. One has to be very careful while using a new auto part. Always check the authenticity properties of the packaging. Most auto parts come with secure packaging featuring safety holograms, ink and QR codes, which can easily verify product authenticity.

Women are natural nurturers and protectors. With a little care and following simple steps, they can make a huge difference and avoid buying counterfeit products.

(This article is the responsibility of Mr. Nakul Pasricha, President, ASPA (Certification Solutions Providers Association))

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not reflect the views of India TV)



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