Pizza Lover Like No Other; Dog Snatches Food From A Mans Mouth – Watch The Funny Video


When we crave our favorite food, we are ready to do anything to get it. That scoop of ice cream, that serving of pizza pieces or noodles, we all have a list of our favorite foods and we are interested in every moment. Are you a pizza lover like us? Welcome to the team! But if you call yourself the biggest pizza lover then someone out there can lose you. And it’s not a person, it’s a dog! Surprised? When we saw a video of a dog that loves pizza so much that he snatched it from a man’s mouth.

The video was posted on the Instagram page ‘Barkad’ which is dedicated to videos and posts featuring dogs. One video that caught the attention of dog lovers and food lovers alike is the dog that showed his love for pizza in the most bizarre way.

In the video, a man is seen biting a piece of pizza but the dog, which is sitting nearby, immediately jumps up to snatch it from his mouth and grabs it hard in his own mouth.

Let’s see:

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The video has over 4 million views and hundreds of comments. Viewers seem to be divided on this video. Some of them find the video beautiful and a certain community of viewers feel that the act is unfair to animals.

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Many commented with heart and smile emojis, and wrote comments, “I have to go for that chance!”, “This is me pizza lol” and “So beautiful”.

And many more voted against it with comments like:

“Don’t let your dog eat pizza … he might have a stomach ache or something bad.”
“Not only is this encouraging a dog’s behavioral disorder, it can also be dangerous for him for a video.”
“I like dogs but my dog ​​doesn’t know how to give me a place and if you want to heal them then scraping the table is not a really good idea.”

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