Planning A Vacation To Goa? Check Out These New Restaurants For A Hearty Meal And Some Fun


Mention of Goa alone brings back memories of beautiful beaches and lazy shacks. These were the main attractions for the tourists of earlier days, but now Goa has undergone a major change in its holiday journey. Apart from water, sand and music, food is now on the agenda of almost all travelers, and the F&B industry quickly recognized it. So, now you have a number of luxurious restaurants and casual cafes in every part of Goa, offering some gourmet food not just seafood. Even in the midst of the epidemic, many new openings were seen, including some of the famous restaurant chain outposts. So if you go to Goa, you will not miss these new grain dishes that promise you a hearty meal during your fun vacation.

You must visit the new restaurant in Goa:

Saj on the Beach, Morjim

Experience like a hut but a hint of luxury – Saz on the Beach is ideal for a family. Classic simple menus like pizza and burgers will appeal to all ages. And their cocktail makes it a fun evening, watching the sunset, right on the beach.

What: Saz on the beach

Where: 182/1, Gowdewada Road, Morjim, Goa

When: 1pm – 1pm

Cost: INR 1,200 for two (approximately) without alcohol

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Happy Soul Cafe, Anjuna

Former actress Pooja Bedi introduced this healthcare with the aim of providing healthy food to the sponsors keeping in mind their food needs. Whether you are a vegetarian or follow the Cato Diet, you are bound to find your kind of food here. Don’t miss their gluten-free noodle bowls and salad wrappers while you’re there.

What: Happy Soul Cafe

Where: D’Mello, Gumal Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa to H No. 650/5

Bo-tai, Vagator

Jorawar Kalra’s famous restaurant gets its new outpost in Goa. Looking for great Thai, Chinese Japanese food? This should be your destination. Offering some eclectic cocktails and other drinks, the big bar is another high point of this new restaurant cum bar in Goa. Try their crispy lotus stem and delicious sushi.

Ki: Bo-tai

Where: Little Vagator, Ojran Beach, Vagator, Goa

When: 12 noon – 1 o’clock

Cost: INR 3,000 for two (approximately) without alcohol

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Izumi, Asagao

With both indoor and outdoor seating options, the Japanese restaurant Izumi will suit all your moods. Their signature Ramen is not to be missed. Also dig a handy cocktail from the outdoor grill.

What: Izumi

Where: 45, Mapusa-Anjuna-Chapora RD, Asagaon, Goa

When: 6pm to 12pm

Cost: 2,200 for two (approximately)

Titlie, Vagator

Open-air seating, sea views, international fusion rentals, plus craft cocktails and DJs. – Goa has a lot to offer in this happening place, which is attracting a lot of tourists nowadays in search of perfect sunset. Try their kulcha and pitha with humas bread.

What: Titlie

Where: 5, House 592, Little Vagator, Ojran, Vagator, Goa

When: 1pm to 12pm

Cost: 1,300 (approximately) for two persons without alcohol

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Lunar Restaurant, Anjuna

For authentic Italian fare, you must visit this lively brick-walled cafe with wood-powered pizza and handmade pasta waiting for you in a charming French setting.

What: Lunar Restaurant

Where: Near Poonam, Starco Junction, Dimelo Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa

When: 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Cost: INR 700 for two people (almost) without alcohol

So friends, these are the new places you want to see and see while you are in Goa. Do you want to add to this list? Mentioned in the comments section below.



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