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The film ‘Acharya’ will be released on April 29 and the producers held a pre-release function in Hyderabad in high anticipation.

Saturday’s gala event was attended by film artists, technologists, guests and other celebrities, making it a hit show.

SS Rajamouli, who is still jumping on the bandwagon of ‘RRR’, attended the event as a special guest and extended his best wishes to the team.

Rajamouli, who praised megastar Chiranjeevi at the pre-release event, said he was one of the most humble people ever seen.

In a light note, Rajamouli said that Chiranjeevi is not as good as Ram Charan.

Acharya pre-release event

“Chiru sir, you are beautiful to look at, you dance well, you perform well and despite being a megastar, you do not have the charisma of my ‘RRR’ hero Ram Charan,” Rajamouli said, everyone laughed at the funny quote.

The director of ‘Magadhir’ said, “I saw Chiranjeevi during ‘Magadhir’, and I realized that the Chiranjeevi cow never made any recommendation to Charan,” said the director of ‘Magadhir’.

Rajamouli praised Ram Charan’s efforts, saying, “Charan today is the one who is for himself.

Speaking about his colleague Koratala Shiva, the creator of ‘RRR’ said: “Don’t be fooled by his gentle outward appearance; Koratala is a force to be reckoned with. Koratala Shiva seems simple and calm to the cow. But he is such a person. One of the most well-known mass directors in the world. ”


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