Ram Navami 2022: Recite THESE chaupai in praise of Lord Rama so that happiness and success follow


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Ram Navami 2022 will be celebrated on 10th April


  • Rama Navami is the date of birth of Lord Rama, who is the embodiment of virtue
  • Devotees fast on Ram Navami and recite chaupai in praise of the Lord
  • The tradition is to be havan on Ram Navami

The festival of Ram Navami is celebrated with joy all over the country. This time Ram Navami festival will be celebrated on 10th April. Lord Rama was born on the ninth day of Shuklapaksha in the month of Chaitra. It is celebrated as Ram Navami. According to astrology, if some measures are taken on the ninth day of Rom, the blessing of happiness and prosperity is obtained.

It is believed that Lord Rama was born in Cancer on the ninth day of Shuklapaksha in the month of Chaitra. Then the moon was in the reincarnation star and the sun was in Aries. There is also a belief in fasting on the ninth day of Ram. Also, there is a provision for havan after puja today.

Today you have to mix sesame barley and google. Habane sesame should be twice as much as barley and Google’s ingredients should be equal to barley. When Ram is at home on the ninth day, no negative energy can enter and happiness and prosperity are always maintained in the house.

Besides, it is very useful to install Ram instrument on the day of Ram Navami. Here is the exact method of making Ram instrument.

– You will need a banquet, a pomegranate pen and saffron ink to make a Ram instrument, but if you can’t collect all these things, you just need a white paper and a red sketch pen or pen. Now draw a dot on the banquet or white paper, then draw a triangle outside this dot, now draw another triangle opposite that triangle, thus it will become a hexagon. Now draw a circle outside the hexagon. Then make 8 lotus petals outside the circle.

Do these things while making Ram instrument

First of all, while remembering Sriram on the east side, close your eyes, focus your attention on the triangle between the two eyebrows and recite the word Om 6 times. Then inhale through the right nostril, hold and exhale through the left nostril in remembrance of Sri Rama. Do this 6 times. Then open your eyes by reciting the word ‘Ram’ 108 times. That way, your device will be ready.

Benefits of Ram Yantra in life

Happiness in married life

If you want to bring happiness in your married life, you want to increase your happiness and good fortune, then start by placing Ram instrument in front of you. Chant this mantra 108 times. The mantra is- Hrim Ramaya Namah.

Benefits can be found in the field of education

If you want to benefit in the field of Vidya, then you should recite this mantra 108 times with Ram Yantra in front of you today. The mantra is- Ain Ramaya Namah.

Business profit

If you want to ensure your victory in business, home, sports, politics, any field of life or any other field of life, you should recite this mantra 108 times with Ram instrument in front of you today. The mantra is- Klim Rama Namah.

Will strengthen the economic situation

If you want to strengthen your financial position, increase your income, then chant this mantra 108 times in front of Ram Yantra today. The mantra is- Namah to Shri Rama.

Also, in addition to the arrangements related to the Ram instrument, it will also be very beneficial for you to recite the chaupai of Sri Ram Charit Manas on this day. Therefore, on the day of Ram Navami, you should recite these chaupai to fulfill your special wish.

The first quadrilateral is –

J sakam nar sunhi j gavahi 6

Happiness and wealth have different rules

Today, by offering Tulsi leaves to Shri Ram Ji and chanting this Chaupai of God 5 times, your financial aspect will be strengthened.

The second quadrilateral is-

Deen Dayal Biridu Sambhari

Harhu nath mum sankat bhare 6

Today, if you offer Penda to Shri Ram G and chant this chaupai seven times, you will be freed from all kinds of troubles.

The next is quadruped

Sita Ram Charan Rati Mor 6

Anudin badhih anugraha tore

Today, by offering fruits to Sriram and chanting this chaupai five times, the child will get happiness.

The fourth is quadruple

Sufal manorath hoi tumare,

Ram Lakshman Sunimaye Sukhre

Today, by offering yellow flowers to Lord Rama and chanting this chaupai five times, the obstacles in your marital life will be removed.

Other than this

Prabhu ki krupa bhayhu sab kaju, janma hamar sufal ve aju

Today, in addition to offering Bundi Laddu to Shri Ram, if you chant this chaupaiti 11 times, you will get success in any old case.

Pawan tanay bal paban samana

Wisdom is the science of conscience

Dedicating Suji (Suji) pudding to Shri Ram GK today and chanting this chaupai 21 times will increase your intellectual capacity.

Also, if you want to fulfill any of your special wishes, offer a sweet made of besan to Sriram today and recite a chant of this chaupai-

Mor manorathu janhu nike 6
Basahu sada ur pur sabi ke

If you do this today, any of your special wishes will be fulfilled.

The soil is well set

Gini Yam Jangam Tirtharaju 6

Today, dedicate saffron to Lord Rama and chanting this chaupai 11 times will increase your wealth as well as honor and respect.



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