Ramadan 2022: Things to keep in mind while fasting during the holy month



Worshipers praying in Makkah, Saudi Arabia


  • For a month, the followers of Islam abstain from worldly pleasures
  • In addition to praying five times a day, Muslims are more inclined towards spirituality
  • Know that even if you break the rules, your Ramadan fast will not be canceled

The holy month of Ramadan or Ramadan will start on 2nd April. For people of the Muslim faith, this is a very important time because it is the month of abstinence and surrender to Allah. For a whole month, Muslims fast from Fajr or dawn, that is, from before sunrise to Maghrib or evening, that is, after sunset. This time is marked by increasing devotion to Allah but there are several rules for fasting or fasting and praying which you should keep in mind while observing Ramadan.

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Rules for Muslims to fast

– Those who are chronically ill, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, elderly and sick with health restrictions are exempted from fasting during Ramadan.

– Those who do not fast for the above reasons should pay a ransom or compensate for it by feeding a poor person every day of Ramadan or every day after the fast is broken.

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– If a woman bleeds during her menstrual cycle or after childbirth, it is not obligatory to fast, but fasting is omitted. Roger will have to pay compensation after the missed days.

– In addition to praying or praying five times a day – Fajr (morning), Dhuhar (noon), Asr (afternoon), Maghrib (evening) and Isha (night), fasting people should not eat or drink anything intentionally. Quick and a condition to refrain from smoking. Otherwise the fast will be canceled.

– If you are missing or inadvertently eating any food, it will not have any negative effect on Rosa. Your fast will not be canceled. A person may regret this mistake and fast according to the custom.

– People who observe fasting should always refrain from lying, insulting, cursing, lying and fighting. It is said to deny the reward of the rosary.

– Giving to the needy, an act called zakat, is obligatory in Islam. This work is obligatory during the holy month of Ramadan.

– A very important rule for Muslims who fast during Ramadan is that physical intimacy, such as having sex during the holy month, is not allowed. People have to give up worldly pleasures while fasting in the month of Ramadan.



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