Ramadan 2022: This Protein-Rich Masoor Dal Soup Is Ideal For Your Iftar Feast


Muslim communities around the world are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. Also referred to as Ramadan, it began on April 2, 2022 and will end on May 2, 2022. This month, people fast all day and break it after Iftar with evening prayers. An important day in Ramadan begins with a meal called sehri (or suhur) before sunrise; And as soon as the sun sets they break the fast. This is why health experts recommend loading healthy nutrients during Sehri and Iftar to maintain energy throughout the day. According to consultant nutritionist Rupali Dutt, one should include adequate fluids, carbohydrates, fiber and other essential nutrients in their diet. “These will help you to have about 12 hours a day without food and water,” he added.

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With this in mind, we have come up with a simple and healthy meal that is not only easy to prepare but can also be prepared in 15 to 20 minutes. Also it tastes extremely delicious. This is hearty dal soup. Pulses soup is a common recipe in several homes. It makes a perfect quick meal the day we find something light and filling. That’s not all. It provides you with adequate amounts of protein, fiber and essential minerals. Now that you know the benefits of lentil soup, how do you make it at home ?! Here is a quick and easy recipe for dal soup that chef Ananya Banerjee shared on her YouTube channel (named Ananya Banerjee). Let’s take a look.

Ramadan 2022 Recipe: How to make protein rich dal soup for iftar:

  • Heat butter in a pan and add cumin seeds.
  • Add chopped onion and fry till transparent color.
  • Add chopped carrots and lentils and fry everything together.
  • Add black pepper, salt and veggie stock powder and fry.
  • Add water and cook until pulses are completely cooked.
  • Transfer the pulses to a mixer grinder and mix.
  • Cook the blended dal in a pan and add some black pepper powder.
  • Serve hot with toasted bread on the side.

Check out the whole dal soup recipe here:

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Happy Ramadan 2022, everyone!

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