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Every day goes by, the outer lane of the ecosystem, the Pali Hill building in Bandra, where Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt both live, seems to be getting brighter and more beautiful. The whole alley from Krishnaraja to Bastu is decorated with beautiful ferry lights. However, in the meantime, security cover has also been increased for the upcoming Kapoor-Bhatt wedding. Khar police, a team of traffic police and about 200 bouncers in colorful safari suits have been deployed inside the complex to prevent anyone other than invited and displaced residents from entering the building. Vanity vans, tourist cars and vans and other vehicles of incoming guests are being parked in the building basement so that other residents in the vicinity do not have difficulty in going up and down the lane.

Mobile phones for the entire staff are covered with camera stickers. It is mandatory for interior parties to display color-coded hand-bands to ensure that no unauthorized passes are made inside the complex, which begins with the Alia Mehndi ceremony.

According to a source close to Kapoor, “Today, only the bride is doing her mehndi, so when they do their mehndi tomorrow, she will not have to sit with the rest of the family and friends. Before the yellow ceremony for the bride and groom, Peter is worshiped For those who have died to be blessed, in this case, the Peter worship of the Kapoor dynasty will be held tomorrow, shortly before the couple’s yellow ceremony, for which they will sit together. There are only 30 guests on the list for. You will see Ranbir’s quote on April 15 and the wedding later in the night and by April 17 it will be the culmination of the festivities.

April 13 also marks the 42nd anniversary of the formal engagement ceremony of Baishakhi, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. It is rumored that an official ring ceremony for Ranbir and Alia is also on the cards.


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