Revealed: 7 Dining Etiquette Protocols Followed By The Royal Family


All eyes are on the upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Buckingham Palace is expected to host the festivities between June 2 and June 5, and just days before the ceremony, we received a loaddown on how the royal dinner was conducted. In a report by Mary Claire, royal etiquette expert William Hanson outlined some important protocols that should be followed when eating with the queen. While we may not enjoy a fine meal with the queen, we can certainly add a touch of royalty to our dinner table with this courtesy lesson.

William Hanson reveals how everyone who dines with the Queen should maintain the decor on the dinner table, which is both amazing and enlightening.

Here are 7 etiquette protocols for Royal Dinner:

1. How to keep cutlery

This is not surprising since almost all of us are well aware of it. Hanson told Mary Claire, “Traditionally, the cutter was held with a knife in the right hand and a fork in the left, a rule that men would carry their swords and knives in their right hand.”

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The fork and knife must be held properly.

2. Limit noise from dinnerware

One has to eat their food neatly without making any noise with their cutlery, plate or glass. Hanson said, “In official Western dining, we don’t want any noise – be it the unpleasant sound of sucking or the sound of forks and knives being cut along a near-empty plate.”

3. How signals you end up eating

“When a member of the royal family finishes eating, they put their cutlery together,” Hanson revealed. The right way to go about this is to consider the cutlery as a clock hand and keep the fork facing upwards on the plate at 6:30. Read more about it here.

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Place your cutlery on the plate to signal the end of your meal.

4. Drink tea from the same place

It is relevant to sip your tea from the place where you started. Hanson declared, “The royals can’t turn their cups around while drinking, especially for those who wear lipstick.” This will help avoid lipstick stains across the rim of the cup.

5. How to keep cups

And yes, there is a definite way that your tea cup should hold. Hanson explains, “Members of the royal family usually hold a cup of tea in the handle with their thumb and forefinger pinched, following the shape of the handle to support their other fingers.”

6. Follow the Queen’s instructions

No one should start eating until the queen has finished eating and everyone should finish their meal at the moment the queen finishes her meal. This is a formal courtesy to the Queen.

7. How to use napkins

We can’t throw our napkins anywhere on the table, however, we like it. Hanson said members of the royal family would place napkins on their laps as soon as they took their seats, folding in half facing the crease. When they had finished eating, the napkins were placed in a neat pile. To the left of the setting. We think it’s something we should all adhere to, no matter where we eat.

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Napkins should be neatly set aside after meals.

Fancy a royal meal? Go with this royal dining convention and enjoy a gorgeous affair.



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